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A Guide to Winning a Romantic Hero’s Heart (K-drama Style!)

A Guide to Winning a Romantic Hero’s Heart (K-drama Style!)


One Percent of Something. Photo: Dramax

A Guide to Winning a Romantic Hero’s Heart (K-drama Style!)

Ready to win over your Romantic Hero? How about trying the K-drama way! Fated romantic love isn’t easy to find, but with some invaluable pointers and established tropes from leading K-drama ladies, you can learn how to win over your stubborn, snobby hero and watch love turn him into a starry-eyed leading man to die for! Here is your official guide to winning your own romantic hero’s heart!


Falling for Innocence. Photo: JTBC

#Step 1: Find the richest heir to millions who is also a jerk to everyone

When it comes to Romantic Hero prospects, you can’t just choose any guy. If you’re looking for the ultimate option, you need to seek out the richest and rudest millionaire’s son! Pick up the celebrity gossip magazines or just ask your friends who their biggest celebrity crush is. Chances are he’s the one.

#Step 2: Cross paths multiple times

This is a crucial step in getting the relationship started! It’s imperative to burn your face into his mind, so the crazier the first meeting the better. You could deliver him pizza and drop it all on his clothes, almost get run over by his car and then threaten to sue him, or meet him on a long plane trip where you talk his ear off and then laugh and spit your coffee over his new suit. Just make a lasting impression! Aim for at least three encounters within a few days so he can’t possibly forget you!

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Can You Hear My Heart K-Drama

Can You Hear My Heart. Photo: MBC

#Step 3: Become poor and unfashionable but still use top-of-the-line products

It’s vital that your Romantic Hero (and his family and friends) think you’re totally unfit for him. If not, then you’re just one of the many girls that he’ll never be interested in. Get a bowl-cut hairstyle and wear terrible, mismatched fashion with bright colors. Of course, you can still own expensive products (known as PPL) like the latest computers and phones. Just make sure you take the bus to work, can only afford to eat ramen, and are constantly on the run from debt collectors.

#Step 4: Argue all the time with your Romantic Hero

Your Romantic Hero has thousands of rich, boring girls interested in him. He’s been on countless marriage dates set up by his mother, but he’s never been intrigued by any of those girls. Stand out by arguing with him every chance you get. He’ll be so frustrated he’ll obsess over your conversations long after you’ve left. You’ll never leave his mind!

#Step 5: Enter a contract relationship

It’s time to take the relationship to a new level. You’ll need to suggest creating a contract relationship to avoid some bad consequences (this works well on rich heirs who have to avoid bad press). Tell him you need to pretend to date to explain to the public why something happened; i.e. why the press has pictures of you taking his shirt off – you really did it because you were the delivery girl who spilled pizza on him and were taking his shirt to the dry cleaners, but who’s really going to believe the truth?

#Step 6: Survive his evil family

Once you’ve both agreed to a contract relationship, steel yourself for evil moms, grandmas, aunts and sometimes even fathers. Expect to be hated, verbally abused, and slapped with full cups of water – multiple times. This is a very important step as this is the time the Romantic Hero starts protecting you and then falling in love with you.

King of Dramas. Photo: SBS

King of Dramas. Photo: SBS

#Step 7: Get Amnesia

Basically, your Romantic Hero is never going to admit his true feelings for you until things get very hard. Like life or death hard. Amnesia is a great tool to force him to realize he could lose you forever. Tearful bedside confessions are always a plus!!

#Step 8: Randomly walk into the street

So your Romantic Hero realizes he’s in love with and even confessed to you when you were asleep in the hospital. To get a verbal confession while you’re awake, try walking out into traffic and letting him pull you back. Of course, this is extremely dangerous and if you don’t time it just right… you might end up being hit by an eighteen wheeler truck instead and traumatizing your Romantic Hero forever.

Queen In Hyun's Man. Photo: TvN

Queen In Hyun’s Man. Photo: TvN

#Step 9: The long separation and the kiss of true love!

The last hurdle! Whether it’s the ultimate selfless act of the hero to dump you to protect you from suffering a lifetime with his mean family or a huge misunderstanding instigated by his ex-girlfriend, your love must be tested by the long separation. After spending a minimum of six months to several years apart without any communication, you can both cross paths again. Despite the time and distance, your connection is still undeniable! The strength of your love has survived selfish conniving relatives, amnesia, near-death traffic experiences, horrible ex-girlfriends, and time itself! All that is left is to seal your true love with a sincere kiss. Now onto wedding bells and your “Happily Ever After”!

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  1. Stephanie

    Queen In Hyun’s Man! Kim Boong Do is THE BEST beta hero. I have only watched a handful of K Dramas but he is unlike most of the other heroes I’ve encountered who tend to start off as jerks. My favorite of the jerk variety is Han Kyul from Coffee Prince – a boring choice I know but he’s awesome!

    • Faith

      Yes! Kim Boong Do is awesome!! Very true. There are actually nice(r) leading men in K-dramas, but the rich jerk is a common trope, hehe. Coffee Prince is a good one! 😉

  2. Dalia

    Hah, in Western Movies the trick is basically to find a jerky, but very handsome, guy and to hate his guts. Or so my husband says. 😛

    • Faith

      Lol, true! This is a popular theme in Western films as well. It’s something of the Pride and Prejudice trope, I think. Hating the guts of a handsome jerk… and of course falling in love! 😉

  3. Janet Folkerts

    I love this list, it’s all so true!! Especially the last one… I’ve watched my share of k-dramas now and it has happened in every single one. I never understood why they always had to spend so much time apart when they were on the verge of happiness!

    • Faith

      Aww thank you! I had fun writing this list. Ohhh yes the long separation. I never understand why it has to happen either, hehe. 😀


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