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A Place to Call Home Season 4 Review – This Underrated Period Drama Deserves Your Attention

A Place To Call Home Season 4

Sarah and George in Season 4 of A Place to Call Home. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV.

A Place to Call Home Season 4 TV Review

A Place to Call Home season 4 premiered on Acorn TV on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2016, with new episodes premiering each week. The good news is that the entire series to date (seasons 1-4) is now available to binge-watch from start to finish on Acorn TV. And trust me, if you enjoy period dramas, this is one of the best.

However, if you’re looking for lighter fare, you may want to skip. But if you appreciate thought-provoking, socially conscious period dramas with some darker themes, memorable characters, and fantastic storytelling, then A Place to Call Home makes for a wonderful choice.

For those who haven’t seen A Place to Call Home before, make sure to read my in-depth reviews of the first three seasons so as not to be spoiled.

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Regina and George. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV.

Regina and George. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV.

Mild Spoilers

If you’re already a fan of the series and haven’t watched season 4 yet, be prepared for one of the best seasons to date. Regina’s comeuppance is finally here! The moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives – and it arrives in all its spectacular glory. In fact, the entire season leads up to an intense and emotional showdown between Regina and Sarah that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Regina in A Place to Call Home. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV

Regina in A Place to Call Home. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV

Still, patience is a virtue! Season 4 picks up soon after season three came to a close so you’ll have to wait until the end of the season for that delicious moment (or rather numerous delicious moments) when Regina’s world of lies and psychopathy begin to unravel around her. Thankfully, season 4 continues with the same high quality one would expect from writer Bevan Lee and the rest of the cast and crew. There are amazing performances (special standouts to Marta Dusseldorp as Sarah and Jenni Baird as Regina), beautiful period costumes, gorgeous cinematography, fantastic writing that will keep you glued to the screen, and more.

Sarah and Roy. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV.

Sarah and Roy. Photo Courtesy of Acorn TV.

In A Place to Call Home season 4, Sarah finds herself facing prejudice from the local policeman when she becomes a suspect in the mysterious death of the local schoolteacher. It’s this death that sets the scene and tone for the rest of the series. And all the while she faces off dangerously against Regina as she fights to protect herself and her unborn child. Sarah also continues to be one of the best and most complex female characters on television. Her inner strength in the face of continuous adversity is certainly a trait to admire. And yet she remains flawed and human in a way that keeps her feeling real to the audience.

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Elsewhere this season, Elizabeth Bligh becomes a good friend and ally to Sarah (YAY!) as they work together to bring down Regina. The two women together are a force to be reckoned with. Elizabeth (or shall we call her Lizzie?) also continues her romance with the dashing Douglas Goddard. Who says old-fashioned romance is only for the young?

Meanwhile, Carolyn and Jack face off against the villainous scumbag Sir Richard Bennett. Will their plans to marry go off without a hitch? Or will Richard successfully destroy their happiness?

A Place To Call Home Season 4 on Acorn TV James Bligh (David Berry) and Olivia Bligh (Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood) A Place to Call Home Season 4

As for the two marriages on the rocks: Olivia and James and Anna and Gino – life continues to be rough for these four. Olivia and James struggle to discover their own identities and inner strength (with some romance and surprise twists in store) while Anna and Gino don’t see eye to eye in their marriage. And sadly, while one of these marriages seems to come to a happier place by season’s end, the other may be permanently over. Only season 5 will tell.

Overall, season four is fantastic and definitely worth watching. If you’re looking for the perfect binge watch and you enjoy period dramas and Australian shows, then you should give A Place to Call Home a chanceSeasons one through four are available to stream on Acorn TV. The DVD will be available to buy February 28, 2017.

CONTENT NOTE: While each episode varies in content, expect a TV-14 like rating overall. There are a couple of sex scenes throughout the 12 episodes, some violence, and adult themes. Only minor profanity is expressed.

Where to Watch: You can stream the entire series on ACORN TV. You can also buy the show on DVD and Digital. You can also rent on Amazon Video or stream on Amazon Video through the ACORN TV Channel.

Have you seen any episodes of A Place to Call Home season 4 yet? What do you think about the latest season? Let me know in the comments.

Photos Courtesy of Acorn TV


“You had me at hello.”


“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.

I have loved none but you.”

A Place to Call Home Review



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    You’ve reminded me… I need to return to this show! I watched part of season one, and then become caught up in something else, though what it was I don’t remember. 🙂 Anyway, sounds like there is LOTS to look forward to.

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