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I’m Sorry I Love You (2004) Music Video | Weightless

I’m Sorry I Love You (2004) Music Video | Weightless



This MV to the song “Weightless,” takes a tragic look at the love story between Cha Moo Hyuk and Song Eun Chae. Eun Chae is a selfless person constantly giving everything she has to those she loves. Only she is mistreated and her health (both physical and mental) is completely ignored by everyone around her. They take only what they need from her.

At the same time, Moo Hyuk also suffers from an incredible loneliness and has been deeply wronged. He was abandoned by his birth mother and had to grow up on the streets without ever having love. After being shot, he goes in search of his birth mother because he has only a short window left to live. There, he finds Eun Chae who he met earlier by chance in Australia. She works for the son of his birth mother.

When Moo Hyuk comes into Eun Chae’s life, he “sees” her in a way no one else does. He rescues her time and time again when no one else can see she’s in trouble due to their selfishness. This mistreatment of Eun Chae enrages Moo Hyuk who wants to protect her. But what will happen to her when he’s gone? When he sees how selfish they are, he also feels more wronged by his own circumstances.

Eun Chae “sees” him and loves him with all she has. Basically, when these two lonely characters find each other, they fall deeply in love even though everyone wants to keep them apart.

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In the end, he dies, killing himself before his inevitable death to save his “brother” and give something to his birth mother who never even knew he was her son. In his final moments, he thinks of Eun Chae – the woman he loves, saddened that they never had their chance to really be together.

A year later, Eun Chae visits Australia where she first met Moo Hyuk. She lies next to his grave and commits suicide. With him gone, everyone went back to treating her the way they did before. And without Moo Hyuk, she doesn’t have anyone to save her anymore. Plus, she couldn’t bear to think of him as being alone. So, in the end, she chooses to die and be with him.

Ultimately, this video asks the question: Why? Why does Eun Chae commit suicide to be with Moo Hyuk? Who is to blame? Is it her family and friends who treated her like a doormat? Or was it because they controlled her and refused to truly “see” her and how she was suffering? With Moo Hyuk gone, there was no one left to help her anymore. And her loneliness and pain ultimately consumed her. Both of these characters have tragic ends due to the bad choices of the people around them. Their deaths are their consequence. A bit of a Romeo and Juliet tale, for sure.

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There is something beautiful about this series. It’s compelling, mesmerizing, unabashedly romantic and yet it’s also incredibly depressing and tragic. The performances are absolutely fantastic. So Ji Sub embodies the character and gives one of the best emotional performances I have ever seen from an actor. Lim Soo Jung is just as wonderful. And their chemistry together is simply magnificent.

If you haven’t seen this series, we can’t recommend it enough (you can watch it on Dramafever and Viki). Yes, there will likely be tears. But the tears are worth it to see such beautiful, raw human emotions displayed on screen. The writing is a good example of what storytelling is all about.

So, with this series stuck in our heads after finishing, we decided to edit a music video.

As far as song choice, “Weightless” is a song that we have had on our radar for quite a while. And after watching the series, this was the only possible song choice for us. It just embodies the haunting, lonely essence of I’m Sorry I Love You.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy!


“Weightless” by Black Lab


From the TV Series, I’m Sorry I Love You.

Korean Title: 미안하다, 사랑한다

Alternative titles include: Sorry, I Love You, Mihanhamda Saranghanda


Cha Moo Hyuk: So Ji Sub

Song Eun Chae: Lim Soo Jung

Written by Lee Kyoung Hee


Amber and Autumn/Silver Vintage Videos

Have you seen I’m Sorry I Love You? What are your thoughts on this romantic tragedy? Let us know in the comments.

Photo/Video Credit: KBS2



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