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The Siren – A Fantasy Novel With Fairytale Underpinnings

The Siren – A Fantasy Novel With Fairytale Underpinnings

The SirenThe Siren Book Review

Readers who prefer a gentler fairy tale experience will love The Siren. Stepping inside its world is sure to enchant fairy tale aficionados.

The Siren‘s story is one of longing, disappointment and the power of love. Exotic travel, exquisite ball gowns, and her sisters are enough for Kahlen. Or it was once upon a time. But that was before she met Akinli. Kahlen isn’t exactly human, and this relationship threatens everything she’s made a vow to do. To start with, she’s at the beck and call of the Ocean for one hundred years. She owes a debt which means her life is not her own because Kahlen is a Siren. An otherworldly creature who, though human in appearance, is anything but. As Kahlen struggles with the human part of her soul resurfacing, she must decide how best to protect Akinli. From the Ocean… and from her.

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Novels that resemble the classic fable The Little Mermaid are a rarity. This is especially true in comparison to the retellings of Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, which are abundant. Pitching this as a Little Mermaid re-imagining, however, isn’t quite fair because it is different. Still, the similarity cannot help but linger. The premise is unique, and in particular, I found the characterization heart-tugging.

Before discovering the hidden gems inside these pages, I’ll confess I didn’t like the role the Ocean took in this novel though many others will not feel the same way. It’s depicted as a living, breathing being capable of control and devastating acts of revenge. While the way this comes across isn’t something I always personally agree with, the ocean does invoke a powerful connotation.

On the other hand, I found Kahlen to be a compelling, and interesting character. She’s conflicted but she’s also shackled to a kind of master she once felt comfort in. Circumstances change this, and she no longer loves or trusts this protector. Her eyes are turned by forbidden (love) and slowly, she crumbles (emotionally and physically) underneath the turmoil and heartbreak. Reading her story made me think. In fact, I can’t remember reading a story where a heroine felt such internal guilt over the acts she was bound to perform, all of which brand her as a kind of villainess.

Overall, this charming fairy tale has vision. The Siren swells with complex intrigue even though the romance takes a backseat too often because the book is exclusive to Kahlen’s first-person point of view. Still, Akinli is a noble hero and the longing Kahlen has in her heart is not to be ignored. Even though we only experience one side of the story, her feelings for him are clear, the results of which are beautiful. In all, if you like fairy tales that take a quieter, slower approach, The Siren is for you. If you like Kiera Cass as an author, then waste no time in discovering the magic of The Siren.

(Fun fact: The Siren is Kiera’s (indie) debut novel, and following the success of her ‘Selection’ series, Harper repacked and published this novel.)

Content: This novel is not explicit. There are some minor references to sex and perhaps minor instances of profanity.

Have you read The Siren? Did you like it? Dislike it? Sound off below with your thoughts or fairytale recommendations! I’d love to chat with you.


Four corset rating

“Hello, Gorgeous.”


four heart rating

“In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My

feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me

to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.”

About the Book:

Author: Kiera Cass
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: 2016 (Republished)
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Genre: Fiction; Young Adult Contemporary

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