Miss Fisher Blood and Money Recap

Miss Fisher is universally cool because tough street boys love her.

Blood and Money Recap

“Blood and Money” is one of those episodes featuring heartbreakingly ragged young boys that you just want to collect and adopt and give them lots of bread and butter (obviously the diet of young boys) and grease for their hair.

Good books and good TV know the secret to truly good romance. It is: take a very simple gesture and turn it into something meaningful with lots of pauses and glances. In this episode, a patient attempts to stab Miss Fisher’s throat with a spike, something she blithely mentions to Jack. He then pauses to examine where she’s got a small cut on her neck (bein’ quietly protective~), but his hand lingers. Miss Fisher says, “I’m sure he’s not the first man to want to wring my neck,” and Jack says, “No.” The scene is so languid and intent that I noted their eye colors to be nearly the same shade of green, a detail they no doubt noted as well as they UNABASHEDLY STARED AWAY.

miss fisher season 3 Blood and Money Recap

Jack investigates? gently caresses? where Miss Fisher was nearly stabbed.

Hugh and Dottie also have some drama going on to add some spice to their routine adorability. The episode centers around a ragtag band of orphaned boys who are in great constant need of showers/food, and Hugh becomes one of them in his own way. He’s kicked out of his house for marrying a Catholic girl and is found  by Jack sleeping in the jail. In the need of a promotion to become a more competent breadwinner for his upcoming marriage, he is seeking a promotion for more income…which means abandoning his partnership with Jack! Noooooo! He and Jack are emotionally intelligent men who are firm so that we respect them but they take being trod on by Miss Fisher very well. Who else could fill such a role?!

Blood and Money Recap

The struggle for young couples, so romantic sigh

These recaps are taking their sweet time being written for which this reviewer apologizes…but hopefully, you’re taking your time with Miss Fisher since plans for a season 4 are not yet confirmed!

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