The-Princess'-Man; Korean Drama kisses

The Princess’ Man. Photo: KBS2

Any lover of the romance genre will tell you The Kiss is the most anticipated moment in a show. Who can help fangirling when her favorite couple finally expresses their emotions with a kiss? Most K-Dramas are primarily romance which means fans can anticipate that Special Moment. Here are some kisses from K-dramas I watched; some were emotional and touching, others sweet and adorable. Enjoy! Warning! Spoilers (of the kissing kind, hehe).

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 20 Romantic Korean Drama Kisses!

(in no particular order)

#1 Faith

Faith; Korean Drama kisses

Faith. Photo: SBS

#2 Mask

Mask-kiss; Korean Drama kisses

Mask. Photo: SBS

#3 Arang and the Magistrate

Close up Arang and Eun-Oh kissing; Korean Drama kisses

Arang and the Magistrate. Photo: MBC

#4 You From Another Star

You From Another Star kiss; Korean Drama kisses

You From Another Star. Photo: SBS

#5 King2hearts

King2Hearts-2; Korean Drama kisses

King2Hearts. Photo: MBC

#6 Queen In-Hyun’s man

Queen-In-Hyun's-Man; Korean Drama kisses

Queen In-Hyun’s Man. Photo: TvN

#7 My Secret Hotel

My-Secret-Hotel-kiss; Korean Drama kisses

My Secret Hotel. Photo: TvN

#8 The Princess’ Man

The-Princess'-Man-kiss-2; Korean Drama kisses

The Princess’ Man. Photo: KBS2

#9 The Greatest Love

The-Greatest-Love-kiss; Korean Drama kisses

The Greatest Love. Photo: MBC

#10 Twenty Again

Twenty-Again-kiss; Korean Drama kisses

Twenty Again. Photo: TvN.

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