The Meet Cute: 10 Memorable First Meetings in Film

#6. The Meet Cute – The Fault in Our Stars

meet cute fault in our stars
Photo: Fox 2000 Pictures

THE STORY: Two young teens meet in a cancer support group, and embark on a coming-of-age journey.

THE SCENE: Augustus (Ansel Elgort) asks Hazel (Shailene Woodley) about her story – not her “cancer story” but her real story.

This film has flaws, and isn’t among my most favorites (because tragic!), but I do really like Gus and Hazel together, including their initial meeting which has a great sense of “magnetism.”

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#7. The Meet Cute – Marry Me

meet cute marry me
Photo: Sony Pictures Television

THE STORY: Following being dumped by her boyfriend (in pursuit of researching frogs no less), a perpetually single woman suddenly receives three marriage proposals.

THE SCENE: Rae (Lucy Liu) meets Luke (Steven Pasquale) on a blind date.

The witty banter and hilarious arguing that ensues makes this a memorable first meeting scene as does Luke’s off-the-cuff remark he’s going to marry Rae as she walks out of the restaurant.

#8. The Meet Cute – The Nine Lives of Christmas

meet cute
Photo: Hallmark
meet cute
Photo: Hallmark

THE STORY: A perpetually single fireman and veterinarian student become roommates and fall in love.

THE SCENE: Marilee (Kimberly Sustad) rambles on about the proper cat food when she meets (Brandon Routh) in the supermarket.

Things start out well for the perpetually single Marilee but go from good to worse in a matter of seconds when the poor thing lets her nerves get the best of her. Or maybe it was the whole guy-in-a-uniform that flusters her. Don’t let the very un-romantic title fool you; this film is darn cute – and appropriate no matter the time of year.

#9. The Meet Cute – A Princess for Christmas

a princess for christmas meet cute
Photo: Hallmark
a princess for christmas meet cute
Photo: Hallmark

THE STORY: An American woman takes her orphaned nephew and niece to meet their wealthy grandfather in Europe for Christmas.

THE SCENE: Jules (Katie McGrath) runs into (quite literally!) her sister’s brother-in-law, (Sam Heughan) and manages to break a priceless antique in the process – which inspires her to ramble about antiques.

One of the cutest Hallmark films, this one is also known as Christmas at Castlebury Hall.

#10. The Meet Cute – Something Borrowed

Rachel and Dex meet cute
Rachel realizes Dex is teasing her about the row of pens she has on her desk | Photo: Warner Bros.
Rachel and Dex meet cute
Photo: Warner Bros.

THE STORY: Two law school friends, Rachel and Dex, realize they’re in love as he’s about to marry Rachel’s best friend.

THE SCENE: Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) is teased about her fixation on having enough pens (which promptly fall off her desk just as class begins) for her torts class by Dex (Colin Egglesfield).

This film has plenty of flaws and isn’t what anyone would coin a great romantic-comedy, but I do love the scene when Rachel and Dex meet. The set-up is romcom bliss not to mention being a great way to show us Rachel’s personality.

What scenes rank among your favorite “meet cute” moments? Sound off below. I’d love to chat them up with you.



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7 thoughts on “The Meet Cute: 10 Memorable First Meetings in Film”

  1. I’ve only seen two of these movies – Ever After and The Nine Lives of Christmas. Now I really want to see the rest, especially The Age of Adaline. By the way, I completely agree with you about The Nine Lives of Christmas. It is super cute and the mistletoe scene is so romantic.

    • Oo, I hope you enjoy “The Age of Adaline,” Melanie. It’s a really unique and sweet film. As for the “Nine Lives” mistletoe scene, I agree! That one is darling too. 🙂

  2. Oooh, I’ve seen almost all of these! I especially love the meet-cutes in The Age of Adaline, Cinderella, and Nine Lives of Christmas. Nine Lives works so well because it’s incredibly cliche (supermarket) but very natural for those two characters.

    Another that comes to mind is Princess Diaries 2 where Anne Hathaway’s character dances with Chris Pine (and accidentally steps on his foot) before she “meets” him, then upon being introduced another day, stomps on his foot on purpose.

    • All great ones I thought, Courtney. I love the chemistry of “Adaline’s”; the swoony-ness of “Cinderella”; and the silly sweetness of “Nine Lives.”

      Aw, yes! I adore “Princess Diaries 2” as well! You know I’ve been thinking about those films again; high time I enjoy a re-watch… and of course, having Chris Pine in the sequel makes it all the more awesome. 😉

  3. Nothing like the adorableness of meet-cute moments! There are quite a few I haven’t seen here – I really need to watch 27 Dresses and The Age of Adaline. I love seeing Beastly, Cinderella and Ever After here. So good. 😀

    • Yay! Hope if/when you see ’27 Dresses’ and ‘The Age of Adaline’ you enjoy them both, Faith. While the former is all chick flick adorable, the latter is really classy and well acted. 🙂


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