besame red velvet lipstick

Hayley Atwell wearing Besame Red Velvet Lipstick in Agent Carter. Photo: ABC/Marvel

In celebration of the season 2 premiere of Agent Carter tonight, I thought it would be fun to review the gorgeous red lipstick made famous by Ms. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) herself.

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The lipstick in question is “1946 – Red Velvet Lipstick” from the vintage inspired cosmetics company, Bésame. Hayley Atwell revealed the exact lipstick herself on Twitter December 4, 2014.

She tweeted, “Here you go ladies, Peggy’s lipstick is Besame in Red Velvet x.”

If you’re not familiar with Besame, it is a luxurious cosmetics company “inspired by the golden age of cinema.” So if you want to look like the glamorous Hollywood Starlets of the past, Besame is the company to go to (clearly Hollywood makeup artists agree).

Still, I wanted to give this Red Velvet lipstick a try for myself. The price is $22 and while a little on the steep side for lipstick, well worth the price. The Besame Red Velvet Lipstick is cruelty-free and very high quality.

What’s really nice about this lipstick is that you don’t need a lip liner. The lipstick comes with a tip sharp point which you use to line your lips. From there, you can glide on the lipstick easily. The red color glides on smoothly like velvet and you don’t need to apply more than a layer or two before being finished. The color is vibrant and absolutely beautiful (which you can see whenever you watch an episode of Agent Carter). The Hollywood camera does not lie. The color looks just as good in person as it does on the screen.

Having worn the product a few times now, I can easily tell you what a wonderful product this is. The Besame Red Velvet Lipstick doesn’t dry your lips out and it doesn’t fade. The lipstick lasts for hours without fading or looking spotty.

Overall, if you want a standout lipstick inspired by the glamour of the past, then Besame’s Red Velvet Lipstick is the perfect choice!

You can order the lipstick from Bésame’s official website or from Sephora.

Are you looking forward to Agent Carter season two? Who else can’t wait to see Peggy and Jarvis going on new investigations together? Let me know in the comments!


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