#9 A Month in the Country (1987)

colin firth

A Month in the Country. Photo: Warner Bros/Euston Films

One of Colin Firth’s earliest performances, this unknown gem tells the story of a WWI veteran (Firth) who spends a month in a village to help restore an old mural in a country church. There, he befriends another veteran played by Kenneth Branagh and shares an unrequited love with the Vicar’s wife played by Natasha Richardson.

#10 What a Girl Wants (2003)

colin firth

What a Girl Wants. Photo: Warner Bros.

Sure, Colin Firth isn’t the main star in this teen film, but he certainly has an important role to play as the wealthy English politician who discovers he has an American daughter! What a Girl Wants is pure, light-hearted fun with an extra bonus of an adorable romance between Colin Firth and Kelly Preston.

#11 Easy Virtue (2008)


Easy Virtue. Photo: BBC Films.

You’re not expecting Colin Firth to become the romantic leading man in this comedy of manners, but somehow he steals the spotlight and the whole film. Easy Virtue is worth watching if only for the incredibly entertaining dance sequence between him and Jessica Biel.

#12 The Railway Man (2013)

colin firth

The Railway Man. Photo: Lionsgate/Weinstein Company

While The Railway Man is technically not a romance, it does start as one with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman showing strong chemistry. The film tells the story of a former British WWII veteran who confronts the Japanese man that tortured him many years before. Content Note: This film is Rated R for a couple of disturbing war sequences.

#13 The Secret Laughter of Women (1999)

colin firth

The Secret Laughter of Women. Photo: Handmade Films/Optimum Releasing

A single mother from Nigeria meets an English comic book writer (who is actually her son’s hero) in this lesser known romantic film. It’s a sweet story Colin Firth fans are sure to enjoy!

#14 Hope Springs (2003)

colin firth

Hope Springs. Photo: Touchstone Pictures

A light-hearted film for anyone who enjoys Colin Firth in the romantic comedy genre. Hope Springs tells the story of a British artist who is torn between a new girl and his ex.

#15 Lost Empires (1986)

In pre-WWI, Lost Empires tells the story of the young Richard Herncastle who joins his uncle’s magic act. There’s romance, adventure and more in this Emmy-winning series from the ‘80s. As I haven’t seen the entire miniseries at this point, I am unsure of the content. You can watch this entertaining clip to get a taste of the series. I can’t wait to get a copy of this one.

#16 Camille (1984)

camille colin firth

Camille. Photo: Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions

A very young Colin Firth stars in this tragic period drama about a courtesan who falls in love with a young man. I’m unsure of the content in this TV Movie as I haven’t seen this one yet though I’ve heard there may be some nudity in it.

BONUS: The Secret Garden (1987)

Colin Firth may only have a two-minute role in this adaptation of The Secret Garden, but it’s worth watching. He plays an adult Colin Craven who becomes engaged to an adult Mary. He walks into the garden and they share a romantic moment as adults! Make sure to watch the clip.

What are your favorite Colin Firth movies? Let me know in the comments!

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