Photo: Vestron Pictures

Photo: Vestron Pictures

Some of film’s most romantic scenes often play out in the rain or a beach or even an airport. What audiences will be reminded in this list of just some of the most romantic dance scenes, is that sometimes passionate love scenes are done not with words, but by a single mesmerizing dance.

Ten Romantic Dance Scenes

1. Dirty Dancing:

There could never be a more perfect or famous dance number as the one performed flawlessly by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze, simmering with chemistry and topped off with that long awaited lift.

2. The Sound of Music:

A movie filled with musical numbers often overlooks the folk dance named the landler that brought out the hidden feelings between novice nun Maria, played by Julie Andrews, and the serious Captain, played by Christopher Plummer.

3. Beauty and the Beast:

One of Disney’s most beloved and romantic animated films, the tale as old as time displays a truly romantic dance number. After an elegant evening, Belle persuades the Beast to waltz with her in the ballroom and she finally sees him in a new light.

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4. Enchanted:

A live action musical film based on some of Disney’s most enchanting films has sweet Giselle, played by Amy Adams, and cynical Robert, played by Patrick Dempsey, in a ballroom dance scene I consider just as beautiful and inspiring as the dance in Beauty and the Beast.

5. Pride and Prejudice:

A memorable scene in which Mr. Darcy unexpectedly asks Elizabeth Bennet for a dance is both a shock to her and a treat for the audience as we get to watch the lovers begin an awkward dance that turns into a passionate debate and looks filled with wanting.

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6. Singin’ in the Rain:

A throwback to movies made in the 1920s, finds hoofer turned star Don, played by Gene Kelly, impressed by young Kathy’s, played by Debbie Reynolds, honesty with him and provides a romantic background on a soundstage to dance his way into her heart.

7. The Mask of Zorro:

The exciting movie finds a dashing young Zorro in training (Antonio Banderas), pursuing the fiery Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones), and when he gets her on the dance floor, sparks fly from their sexy and passionate pasodoble.

8. Top Hat:

A Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ classic, the two shared many dances but Astaire serenading Rogers with “Cheek to Cheek” whilst the two fall in love is the winner of this musical.

9. Funny Face:

Bookish Audrey Hepburn and amorous photographer Fred Astaire fall in love throughout a photo shoot in Paris, but don’t demonstrate these feelings until a beautiful ballet/waltz by a stream behind a church.

10. Romancing the Stone:

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Photo: 20th Century Fox

After being chased by professional killers and trekking through the jungle to find a priceless gem, romance writer Joan, played by Kathleen Turner, and her guide Jack, played by Michael Douglas, spend a night together filled with romance and a passionate dance scene straight out from one of Joan’s novels.

What is your favorite romantic dance scene in film? Sound off in the comments…


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