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Today’s hashtag and pop culture seems to frequently trend with one common thread. No matter what it may be, we have some pretty serious addictions to our favorite fandoms. Everything from television OTP’s to super film series that take place in alternate universes. They are all well and good, and like the rest of the masses, I fan-girl with the best of them. Sometimes instead of the noisy, destructive worlds, it’s nice to visit a quiet happier place. This can be accomplished by reading a book. Most of the time when the term “rom-com” is used, we think of our favorite romantic comedies in film, but today we’re talking books.

Anyone who, like me, is something of a book addict will definitely want to look into some of these authors. There is a wide range of topics and varying talent listed below. What each does have in common is either a talented prose that sets the voices apart or a unique perspective on their genre. Leading into Valentine’s Day, below are some of my favorite romances – a mix of old favorites and new finds.

Top 15 Favorite Romance Novels In Alphabetical Order, by Author


#1. Runaway Princess, by Hester Browne

Book - The Runaway Princess

I found this one difficult to be swept into – in the beginning. The book, about an average London landscape architect who happens to fall for a prince, starts off slow. Several chapters can cover one event, but once it becomes more about Amy and Leo’s romance, I was sold.

#2. A Broke Kind of Beautiful, by Katie Ganshert

Book - A Broken Kind of Beautiful

More emotional than the average romance, this novel is, like its name, beautiful. There’s depth, purpose and elegant prose that endears the story. It’s about a model who is realizing her longevity in a world built on perfection is waning fast.

#3. Once Upon a Prince, by Rachel Hauck

Book - Once Upon a Prince

A dashing, gentleman of a prince plus a normal American girl makes this novel one of the most charming in its genre. There’s a great quality to the writing and storytelling, and Rachel Hauck has the accent perfectly – Nathaniel’s voice practically jumps off the pages.

#4. Breath of Dawn, by Kristin Heitzmann

Book - The Breath of Dawn

Unusual to most romances, the couple in this scenario falls in love after marriage. It’s a union that comes about as a result of a woman running from her past and a man looking for stability for his young daughter.

#5. Barefoot Summer, by Denise Hunter

Book - Barefoot Summer Cover

Beautiful is the defining word to describe this novel. It’s poignant and gives the readers a hero and heroine that we not only feel for, but respect. It’s one of the few books that made me tear up. It’s about a woman named Madison whose twin brother died and the man, Beckett who holds himself responsible for that death.

#6. Save the Date, by Jenny B. Jones

Book - Save the Date

Telling the story of a rising young politician, Alex and a non-profit organizer, Lucy, this cute romance is the definition of a rom-com in book form. It involves a pretend engagement, a moody younger sister and great one-liners. Jenny B. Jones’ signature is her easy ability to tell a genuine story with a healthy dose of comedy.

#7. Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, by Lisa Kleypas

Book - Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

Okay, yes, I realize this one is set at Christmas, but I adored the story. There are faults, but the plot and the cool character of Mark Nolan made it worth those faults. Plus, it has a darling Hallmark TV adaptation that goes by the name, Christmas with Holly.

#8. Dear Mr. Knightley, by Katherine Reay

Book - Dear Mr. Knightley

Dear Mr. Knightley is Sam Moore’s story, a 20-year-old young woman who has been in and out of the system since she was a child. Now as a recipient of a college scholarship from a mysterious benefactor, the only stipulation of the grant is that she writes letters to him – a man she knows only as Mr. Knightley. Written as an epistolary novel, Katherine’s beautiful prose and understanding of her characters is what makes this beauty a standout. Woven into the novel are literary references that any Austen purist will appreciate.

#9. Made to Last, by Melissa Tagg

Book - Made to LastDebuting in 2013, Melissa’s Made to Last is a loose re-imagining of the classic Christmas in Connecticut. This version is about TV host Randi who has to produce a husband she once made up in an interview. Things become complicated when her for-hire husband is cast at the same time that a persistent reporter becomes a fixture in her life. Nicely paced and contemporized, this book has a great sparkling wit. Plus, kudos to her – she ditched the awkward babies arriving from the 1940’s classic.

#10. First Impressions, by Debra White Smith

Book - Firest Impressions

A modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, no book list would be complete without some nod to the classic author. Though it’s been years since I read this one, I remember loving it. Oh, and Debra wrote a re-telling for each of Austen’s six novels.

#11. Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks

Book - Safe Haven

It seems like Nicholas Sparks constantly has a new book on the bestseller list to say nothing of the big-screen adaptations that arrive at regular intervals. This is my favorite book from Nicholas Sparks so far. I loved the breath-holding moments of suspense and the characters, particularly its lead Alex, who Josh Duhamel immortalized on screen in the film adaptation.

#12. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, by Bernie Su and Kate Rorick

Book - Lizzie Bennet Diaries Cover

Co-written by a creator and writer for the smash-hit YouTube series, this is the one book I haven’t read in full. With its wit and fantastic modernization, I couldn’t resist adding it. It does tell the same classic Pride & Prejudice story as its YouTube companion, yet it’s somehow different.

#13. Somebody Like you, by Beth Vogt

Book - Somebody Like You

Expressively written, this plot is very special. It’s about a man who lost his twin brother and returns to visit his widowed sister-in-law, unprepared for the reaction she has when she sees the image of her deceased husband in him.

#14. Meant to Be Mine, by Becky Wade

Meant to be Mine Book Cover

Her best yet, Becky is one of my auto-buy authors. In this, her last release, the story could have easily fallen into clichés, but she breathed new life into the trope of a Vegas wedding that goes wrong.

#15. Happily Ever After, by Susan May Warren

Book - Happily Ever After

Though her writing has produced titles in nearly every genre (historical, suspense, chick-lit), it’s one of her first contemporaries that still holds fond memories. The plot co-mingles mistaken identity and bookish elements, which means this really is the perfect modern fairytale.

What about you? What are some of your favorite contemporary novels or authors? Sound off below!


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