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With what may be the best Originals episode to date, it seems the Mikaelson family still has many secrets, and like any good gothic story, one of them is hidden away in a secret room. Elijah’s horrible crimes (particularly his first) are locked away behind the red door, a symbol in his mind of all the crimes he has committed. His suit is a shield protecting him from the truth of his own monstrosities. If he looks like a gentleman, maybe he’ll believe he actually is one.

Red Door

Besides Elijah’s own history, “Red Door” proves to be a psychological study in family as well as romantic dynamics. With therapist Camille on hand, she was able to even get under the skin of Mikael. In all, “Red Door” is a masterful modern day presentation of the romantic Byronic monster (steeped in gothic literary influence) longing for redemption in the love of a woman; Elijah with his love for Hayley and Klaus for Camille.


Red Door 2

“Red Door” begins with a nightmare – Elijah’s that is. He first finds himself chasing Hayley, but right before he kills her to drain her blood, she turns into Tatia (his first love – Elena’s ancestral doppelganger).  Elijah wakes up in horror. But it seems the dreams are just the beginning. This is all part of Esther’s plot to break Elijah down. Her plan? Let Elijah remember all his sins as he suffers in his own personal hell of remembrance and guilt. She believes if he suffers enough, he will beg her for salvation. From there, she’ll be able to give him a new body to start over where he would then be able to marry Hayley and raise a family.

tatia 3

With a spell, Esther transports Elijah back in time to when he was still a mortal. There we meet young Tatia (played by guest star Nina Dobrev) who is loved by all in the village. But it is Elijah’s heart she chooses. They share their first kiss. But their happiness is short-lived as soon after the Mikaelson children are all transformed into monsters.

While Klaus became a werewolf/hybrid, Elijah and the other Mikaelson children were turned into vampires by their mother. Soon after this transformation, Tatia stumbles upon a murderous scene where bodies have been ripped apart only to find Elijah talking to his brother Klaus (who is in turmoil over what he has become).

elijah and Klaus past 4

She runs in horror connecting them to the gruesome deaths. Elijah chases after her to convince her he’s not a monster. Unfortunately, Elijah loses control instead. Still a new vampire, he doesn’t yet have power over his passions. So while he loves Tatia and even wanted to marry her, he cannot control his urge to drain her blood. So the truth comes out…it was Elijah who killed Tatia not Esther.

Tatia 10

For a thousand years Elijah believed it was his own mother who drained Tatia and not himself. But Esther claims otherwise. She took away Elijah’s memories of Tatia’s death only after his consent to block out the guilt. Since then, he has put all of his victims behind this “red door” in his mind. Tatia was only the first. Now the room is bursting with victims.

So what will happen when he remembers all his victims hidden away? There’s only so long secrets can remain hidden. And while Esther’s plan is slightly maniacal, she isn’t without a point about who Elijah is. (I give props to the writers for the fantastic characterization given to Elijah in this episode.)

romantic dream

And it’s not just his guilt she plans to use to break him anyway. She also plans to use his love for Hayley and even gives him a romantic dream. Esther needs Elijah to “bask in his own version of a better world to come.” Can’t say Esther’s not a genius.


Davina and Kol

When Davina wakes up (now with a killer headache) after her fight with Klaus, she soon discovers that Kaleb is actually Kol. With his charm (and perhaps actual honesty), he convinces her that he is on her side. They team up to cast a spell that will temporarily turn off the power of the white oak stake. That way, if Mikael stakes Klaus her friends Marcel and Josh won’t die.

Thankfully, the two are quite the powerful team and hold Mikael off with their magic. But Davina still hasn’t lost her desire for revenge against Klaus. She takes back the white oak stake and runs off with Kol. Something tells me these two could become a young magical version of Bonnie and Clyde on the run…and I like it!


Hayley and Marcel

Meanwhile, Hayley and Marcel team up when Elijah and Oliver go missing. They follow the trail back to the werewolf fight. At this point, they know something’s wrong. Unfortunately, something even more pressing interrupts their search and rescue. Klaus could be killed by Mikael which would in turn kill ALL of them. So they put their search on hold and lend a helping hand in the nick of time to help save Klaus and Camille.


white oak stake 1 white oak stake 2

In a shocking gesture in the beginning of the episode, Klaus trusts Cami with the actual white oak stake. Now if that’s not love for this paranoid beast! Unfortunately for Klaus, this moment of trust backfires. After he reveals to Kol that he knows exactly who he is, their reunion is interrupted when he discovers Camille’s been taken – with white oak stake and all.

woods cami and mikael

Mikael kidnaps Camille as leverage and drags her through the woods to an abandoned building.

From there, Klaus decides to do whatever it takes to save Cami (as well as himself). Meanwhile, Cami and Mikael have a little therapy session only to end with Mikael draining her blood. After searching through the night, Klaus finds them and is ready for a fight.

fight 1 fight 2

“You’re gonna pay for hurting her,” Klaus threatens which only give Mikael a good laugh.

Mikael and Klaus

Another battle between father and son then ensues, except with this time Mikael gaining the upper hand when Klaus chooses to save Cami over himself. Camille watches in horror as Mikael stakes Klaus with the white oak stake directly in the heart!

Cami looks at Klaus Klaus looks at Cami

Disturbed that Klaus doesn’t burst into flames, Mikael runs after Davina and Kol to stop them from continuing the spell which keeps the stake from working. Camille pulls the stake out, saving Klaus before the power of the white oak stake returns.

Cami unstakes Klaus

Mikael returns enraged and is about to kill Cami when Marcel and Hayley show up to save the day.

originals group

I loved seeing everyone work as a team and hope to see more of it in the future. Mikael leaves, only to (I’m sure) return for another day strengthened and ready.


Kol quote

“You might want to try a bit of lavender under your pillow, does wonders for stuck-up pillocks with anger issues.”

(Kol says in a smart-aleck comment to Klaus.)

voicemail Finn

“I despise voicemail.”

(Finn reveals to Kol after giving him a nosebleed using magic to make him answer the phone).

Couch time Cami

“We’re called therapists these days. And to be honest you could do with some couch time.”

(After Mikael laughs when figuring out what Cami’s profession is after they’ve had a short discussion about his violence.)

devil eats flies mikael

“In times of need, even the devil eats flies.”

(Mikael announces before biting Cami – who was supposed to be his leverage.)

cur mikael

“How sweet, the cur whines for its bitch. I’ll make sure to drain the rest of her right in front of your eyes, just before you burn.”

(Mikael says to enrage Klaus when he sees his son’s affection for Camille.)


This week, there were a lot of great romantic moments. So instead of focusing on just one, I thought I’d point out all three.

Tatia romantic moment

First, as dark and disturbing as it is, Elijah’s love for Tatia is why he is the person (or vampire) he is today. His immaculate suits and gentlemanly demeanor are a cover for what he did to the woman he once loved. So in a way, Tatia has shaped who he is. And maybe it will be their destroyed love that will help him find redemption and a way to be with Hayley.

crave you 1 crave you 2

Which leads me to the second romantic moment: At the end of the episode, Esther gives Elijah a romantic dream with Hayley. He imagines her rescuing him. Part of this fantasy includes Hayley offering him the chance to drink her blood to heal him. Fearful, he tries to refuse saying “I crave you. My hunger could overwhelm me.” (Just the way he says it is enough to make anyone swoon.) But she’ll hear none of his fears and says she’s not afraid.

Elijah and Hayley kiss

They kiss passionately as she then allows him to drink her blood. This scene once again ignites the passion and chemistry between these two.

Elijah and Hayley bite 1 Elijah and Hayley bite 2 Elijah and Hayley bite 3 Elijah and Hayley bite 5

And while it’s not real, Elijah’s feelings are. Here’s to hoping for an actual “real” scene between these two in future episodes.

The third moment is hard to pin down as there were many moments scattered throughout the episode. The growing love between Klaus and Camille is quickly becoming an epic Beauty and the Beast tale and “Red Door” (similar to Jane Eyre’s “red room”) has continued this story in full force.

From showing his trust by giving her the one thing that can kill him, going on a hunt to rescue her, attacking Mikael for hurting her, the intense stares these two gave each other when he thought he was dying and then the tender moment between them at the end are only a few elements as to why these two are my favorite couple of the series right now. “He hurt you. For that alone I would kill him,” Klaus reveals.

Klaus and Cami heart Klaus and Cami heart 2 Klaus and Cami heart 3 Klaus and Cami heart 4

He checks her pulse, while she feels his heart. I was totally having Mick and Beth memories seeing these two together. Plus, I love when Movie and TV romances are influenced by the literary stories of the past, which these two definitely are!


After Mikael shows rage for Klaus killing his wife, does he see himself as still married to Esther? This just reiterates even more why these two need to have a reunion of their own. How much love do they still have for each other? With one parent wanting to save her children and the other wanting to kill them, one imagines this reunion could prove to be pretty explosive.

The reunion between Klaus and Kol has been put on hold. So what do you think will happen when they have an actual reunion? Will Kol continue to join in on Davina’s revenge? Or will these two brothers forgive each other and join forces?

As much as I love the Kol/Davina interaction, is anyone else tired of the “let’s kill Klaus” plot?

As for Elijah, will Esther successfully break him down? Or will he pretend to be broken only to take Esther down in surprise?

Well, what did you think of “Red Door?” Let me know in the comments!


Stay tuned for when I recap the next episode “Wheel Inside the Door.”

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