Photo: BBC America

Photo: BBC America

THE SHOW: Intruders

WHERE: BBC America

WHEN: Saturdays at 10/9 c.

THE CAST:  James Frain, John Simm, Mira Sorvino, and Millie Bobby Brown.


With Glen Morgan (The X-Files) and Julie Gardner (Doctor Who) at the helm, I thought Intruders could be this underrated gem. I mean, no one was talking about the BBC America production starring John Simm (Doctor Who; Life on Mars), James Frain (The White Queen; True Blood), and Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino (Mighty Aphrodite). I couldn’t help wondering why. After tuning into the first episode, I now think I know.

By the end of the pilot, I at least hoped for some indication of the future story to catch my intrigue…

Despite the interesting premise about a secret society chasing immortality (I picked up on this ONLY based on the official description), the execution was a mess. Half the time, I had no clue what was going on. Instead, in the hopes of being mysterious, the show became so cryptic that the presentation became a convoluted and pretentious nightmare. Rather than capture my attention, I longed for the first episode to come to an end and thus relieve me from an hour of tedious, tiresome torture. By the end of the pilot, I at least hoped for some indication of the future story to catch my intrigue, but nope! If I hadn’t known the premise, I wouldn’t have any hint at all what the show was actually about, other than the importance of birthdays and bizarre cards with a number on it. Perhaps the episode was so boring that I zoned out all the important traces of a cohesive story…

Aside from all the puzzling clues to the plot, the characters also failed to pique my curiosity. The charisma of James Frain and John Simm weren’t even enough to maintain any semblance of interest. Then there is of course the part with some creepy little girl that drowns her cat. Was that her? Is she possessed by someone else only part of the time? Needless to say, an unnecessary and insipid scene that turned me even more off this blasé series. Indeed, with an amazing writer and producer, Intruders should have been so much more. Overall, I recommend you sit this one out. If the show improved in later episodes, let me know in the comments because I really wanted to like this. I rate Intruders a measly 2 corsets overall and 2 vintage hearts for an equally uninspiring story between John Simm’s character’s search for his missing wife.

Content Note: There is some mature content.

Overall Rating

Two Star Rating border“Well, nobody’s perfect.”

Romance Rating

Two heart border

“I have not the pleasure of understanding you.”


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Photo Credit: BBC America


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