The Top 35 Vampire TV Shows To Sink Your Teeth Into (Part 2)


TOP 35 Vampire  TV Shows

#35  Dracula The Series 1990

Dracula The Series 1990_2

I have never actually seen this but Mia Kirshner (The Vampire Diaries and 24) was one of the stars, and Geraint Wyn Davies (Forever Knight) makes a few appearances as well.

#34 Port Charles

Port Charles2

Spin-off soap from General Hospital that yes, includes vampires….Anyone know if it was any good?

#33 Valemont


This includes familiar faces for those who love genre TV. The ‘episodes’ only ran 2.5 minutes each.

#32 Vampire Prosecutor

Vampire Prosecutor2

This Korean vampire show sounds like it has a lot of potential. It is about a vampire that uses his abilities to solve crimes. You can watch it on Viki and Dramafever.

#31 Hemlock Grove

Photo: Netflix

I wanted to like this one more than I did, but still worth checking out if you don’t mind the gore and gratuity.… It does have a good cast.

#30 The Little Vampire (1986)

the little vampire_Polyphon
Photo: Polyphon

A classic for those lucky enough to have seen it…

#29 Vampire High

Vampire High-YTV2
Photo: YTV

Cheesy but fun for a binge watch; stars a young Meghan Ory (Once Upon A Time).

#28 Young Dracula

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

Dracula for kids that adults can enjoy too.

#27 Demons (2009)

Photo: ITV
Photo: ITV

About Van Helsing’s last descendant who must stop the dark forces of the world, namely vampires.

#26 Neverwhere


Neil Gaiman’s underrated TV series that is a must see if you don’t mind dated effects.

#25 Becoming Human

Photo: BBC

A short spin-off of BBC’s Being Human that is definitely worth checking out! – Photo: BBC.

#24 The Dresden Files

dresden files2
Photo: Syfy

This show is all about the star Harry Dresden, a wizard detective! A vampire might show up too…

#23 Supernatural

Photo: CW
Photo: CW

While not my favorite vampire mythology of all time, I love this show’s humor and the dynamic between the brothers.

#22 The X-Files (Bad Blood)

Photo: FOX
Photo: FOX

Who doesn’t love The X-Files? While not a show about vampires, they do exist on the show. One episode starring Luke Wilson is particularly fabulous… (Note: this would have a better spot on the list if the show was more about vampires than aliens)

#21 The Munsters

The Munsters2

A true classic!

#20 The Addams Family

Photo: MGM
Photo: MGM

Another classic!

#19 Blade: The Series

Photo: Spike TV
Photo: Spike TV

A short lived series about the adventures of Blade: a half human/ half vampire.

#18 Lost Girl

Photo: Syfy
Photo: Syfy

I love this show about Succubus Bo and her pals! A great urban fantasy (not perfect) that includes vampires in the mythology, not to mention Bo is a sort of vampire too.

#17 The Gates

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

This is just great camp and an entertaining soap that is worth watching (it does get better as the episodes continue), especially when Christian (Paul Blackthorne of Arrow and Dresden Files) comes into the story.

#16 Ultraviolet

Photo: World Productions
Photo: World Productions

A British show about vampires that stars Idris Elba, Jack Davenport, and Stephen Moyer (before True Blood) is definitely must see TV. It’s actually pretty good too.

#15 Sanctuary

Photo: Syfy
Photo: Syfy

This is all about the immortal Nikola Tesla! He has some of the best one-liners out there.

#14 Dark Shadows

Photo: ABC
Photo: ABC

Barnabas Collins really says it all.

#13 Forever Knight

Photo: CBS
Photo: CBS

Before Angel and Mick, there was Nick Knight! While the effects are dated, this is a great vampire show WAY ahead of its time.

#12 True Blood

Photo: HBO
Photo: HBO

Series 1-4 is much stronger than the later abysmal seasons. Mostly, I just love the Eric, Sookie, and Bill triangle, and as the show reaches the end, I hope I can get the ending I was cheated of in the books. [EDIT: Nope. Hated the ending]

#11 Being Human U.S.

Photo: Syfy
Photo: Syfy

Being Human (U.S.) – While I don’t think this show is as good as the original, it really came into its own fantastic show. Extra points for a perfect ending. Oh, and for bringing in Kyle Schmid to play a vampire named Henry!

#10 Penny Dreadful 

Photo: Showtime
Photo: Showtime

Only 3 episodes in, I am already really impressed with the poetic writing, and intrigued by the mystery of Dracula. I only wished it toned down some of the unnecessary content.

#9 Kindred: The Embraced

Photo: Fox Entertainment
Photo: Fox Entertainment

This series needs to be rebooted. The mythology is fantastic and all the characters really intriguing. It’s very 90s but find a way to watch it if you haven’t seen it yet.

#8 The Vampire Diaries

Photo: CW
Photo: CW

This show has its ups and downs, but it is just so entertaining! Plus, it has Damon Salvatore, and even though I like Damon and Elena, I have to say I loved the ending between Damon and Bonnie in the season finale!

#7 Dracula

Dracula/Grayson and Mina after he saves her from a scientific accident.
Photo: NBC

While not a hit with critics, I thought this series really found its voice by the end. I really wanted to see this engaging interpretation of Dracula continue.  A real pity.

#6 The Originals

Photo: CW
Photo: CW

This show just gets better and better in my book! I love the family relationships AND the potential romances.

#5 Blood Ties

Blood Ties2

Yes, some of the effects are cheesy but never the witty dialogue. Also, I loved the triangle between Henry, Vicki, and Mike!

#4 Angel


While I personally don’t think the magic ever reached the same level as the first 9 episodes of the show, this was a fantastic series full of laughs and romance.

#3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Photo: 20th Century Fox
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Groundbreaking and innovative, Buffy never ceased to entertain and create new paths for other genre shows to follow.

#2 Being Human U.K.

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

While the first 3 seasons are the best, the story and the writing as a whole never disappoints. This is truly well written television at its best.

#1 Moonlight

Photo: CBS
Photo: CBS

I love everything about this canceled too soon series, from the romantic relationship between Mick and Beth to the snarky Josef. I still miss this show

What are your favorite vampire shows? Sound off below…



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2 thoughts on “The Top 35 Vampire TV Shows To Sink Your Teeth Into (Part 2)”

  1. Ha! Dracula the series, I watched every episode of that series when it was on but I probably couldn’t tell you what any of them were about at this point. I did feel that the actor playing Alexander Lucard (aka Dracula) was good and it was enjoyable TV.

    I was a devoted Port Charles watcher back in the day. Casting on that was really good with Michael Easton as the major vampire. But it’s a soap and it was a desperate soap at that time so it’s writing and acting leaves something to be desired.

    And, of course, as I said with the other post Forever Night, Blade: The Series, Kindred: the Embraced are definite favorites. And I agree with you I would really love for someone to reboot Kindred.

    Being Human US was a show I wasn’t able to stick with for the long haul. Especially after they killed off Aiden’s sire (forget his name). But I loved the casting of Kyle Schmid as Henry so that got me back for a few episodes.

    Some of the other ones don’t look familiar, looks like I have some web searching to do to see if I can find some of these. Great article as always!

  2. I would have put Dark Shadows at no 1- it had a special magic and Barnabas Collins is the most fascinating and beautiful vampire there is!


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