Clay (Greyston Holt) and Elena (Laura Vandervoort) in Bitten. Photo: SyFy

Clay (Greyston Holt) and Elena (Laura Vandervoort) in Bitten.
Photo: SyFy

There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as the betrayal of someone’s trust. You think you know someone and they turn out to be completely different from that person you had grown to cherish and love. That trust that has been building from day one is utterly shattered and broken. No matter how it happens, it’s never pretty. So is the case between the two main characters in Bitten. Elena, a former human turned werewolf, was turned without her consent by the man she loved, Clay.

Our story begins with Elena begrudgingly agreeing to return to the home that she shared with Clay right after being turned into a werewolf because of some pack business that needs addressing. There is a killer on the loose and Elena is the pack’s best tracker. As soon as she arrives at the pack’s home we can sense the tension between her and the mysterious Clay, whose story we don’t yet know.

Through the next few episodes we find out that Clay and Elena met when she was hired on as his assistant. Sparks flew and the two eventually became involved. Clay then convinces the skittish Elena to meet his family. During said visit, Clay in werewolf form, bites Elena, thereby turning her into a werewolf. The mistrust and tension between the two begins as soon as Elena realizes that Clay has turned her. After the brutally painful ordeal of going through her first change, Elena sees Clay’s actions as the worst kind of betrayal. He has made the choice to turn her into a werewolf without her consent, or even knowledge of the species. In Elena’s eyes, Clay has turned her into a monster.

So, this is where we begin in our understanding of Clay and Elena’s relationship. The tension between them is strong, but it is not always good tension. Sometimes it’s downright hostile. But, the pull between these two is just too strong. Dare I even say that they may be soulmates? They just can’t seem to stay away from each other. For weeks they have been dancing around one other on the show, without actually making any concrete moves.

This week, however, everything changed. The inevitable happened. Like two magnets, these two characters just could not resist each other’s pull forever. They were bound to collide at some point. This episode a life threatening fight for survival pushed both past the brink of caring about their tumultuous past.

For once don’t leave. Stay.

Elena had just escaped certain death after one of the rogue mutts has almost killed her during one of the group’s fights. She experienced the feeling of being hunted by the man, and watched him as he accidentally shot and killed another girl that looked like her as she hid underneath a car. Later, Elena is sitting by herself, thinking about the big fight that just went down and her harrowing brush with death when Clay walks in.

Elena sitting by herself, contemplating the day's events.

Elena sitting by herself, contemplating the day’s events.

Elena stands and prepares to leave as Clay enters the room.

Elena stands and prepares to leave as Clay enters the room.

As Elena is about to leave the room at Clay’s entrance, he pleads,

“For once don’t leave. Stay.”

Elena replies, “ I thought you’d be with the others spreading Antonio’s ashes.”

Elena looks pained and afraid. Clay walks up to her and reassures her that she’s safe with him.

“You don’t have to pretend with me.”


Clay comes around to face Elena and reassure her.

Clay comes around to face Elena and reassure her.

“You never know. What if he’d been a better shot or I hadn’t been able to control the change.”


As the two stand closely together, Clay replies, “Hey, don’t think like that. I thought I lost you today. But you’re safe. Here with me.”

Elena kisses Clay, and then looks up at him as if he’s her safe haven.



Caught up in the moment and need to feel safe in Clay’s arms after her ordeal, Elena succumbs to her passion for him. It will be interesting to see how they progress from here…


What did you think of this week’s romantic encounter between Clay and Elena? Do you think they should end up together? Sound off below…



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