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Romantic Moment of the Week: Klaus and Caroline

Romantic Moment of the Week: Klaus and Caroline

Klaus and Caroline about to kiss in The Vampire Diaries.

THE SHOW: The Vampire Diaries

THE PAIRING: Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Caroline (Candice Accola)

THE EPISODE: “500 Years of Solitude” – (aired January 23, 2014)

THE MOMENT: Klaus and Caroline make a deal…

Last week, The Vampire Diaries premiered its 100th episode “500 Years of Solitude” and they definitely celebrated with some steam when they gave into the much anticipated romance between Klaus and Caroline. So for this week’s romantic moment of the week, I thought I’d turn once more to last week (there was just too much goodness in the romance department to ignore) when Klaus and Caroline made a little deal in the woods and openly shared their feelings with each other.

With Klaus over in New Orleans (on his own spinoff series The Originals) and Caroline back in Mystic Falls it seemed seasons of teasing was never going to go anywhere. Thankfully, Klaus was able to make a visit when he heard the rumor of Katherine’s approaching demise (much to his happiness) and all our worries were set aside. The writers weren’t going to pull the annoying trick of teasing chemistry with no actual follow through. Instead, they brought Klaus back for the big 100 and gave The Vampire Diaries fans a treat: Some Klaus and Caroline romance.

The scene begins with Klaus and Caroline walking through the woods. “Don’t you have a dying girl to go punish for all of her sins?” Caroline asks as they saunter through the woods together.

scene 2 final

“I do.” Klaus responds. “But I won’t for you.” This is the beginning of Klaus throwing Caroline off her hostile game face as she then questions Klaus, confused: “So you came all the way to Mystic Falls just to back off when I ask you to?”

scene 3 FINAL

“No, I came all the way to Mystic Falls to gloat over a corpse to be as you so poetically put it. But I will leave minus the gloating in return for one small thing.”

scene 4 minus gloating final

Like Caroline, I began to wonder what that one small thing would be. “And what is that?” she asks.

“I want your confession,” Klaus explains.

scene 5 my confession final scene 6 final

It’s right here you know exactly where Klaus is going with this confession bit, but Caroline tries to remain in denial. She’s not quite ready to admit this particular truth. “My confession?” she asks in feign surprise. “I didn’t do anything. Confession about what?”

scene 7 me FINAL

Caroline’s over the top hostility toward Klaus (or even the Damon and Elena relationship) has been old for awhile now, so frankly it was about time for her behavior to be addressed. What I love about Klaus is that he calls Caroline on it. He knows what’s underneath all that hostility, and with that knowledge he answers her question:

“Me. [Pause] As soon as we’re done here, I’m gonna walk away and I’m never coming back. You’ll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility and revulsion. You’ll never have to loathe the deepest parts of yourself that care for me in spite of all I’ve done. I will be gone [Steps closer] and you will be free. I just want you to be honest with me.”

scene 8 that care for me final scene 9 I will be gone FINAL

And there Klaus hits the nail on the head. Caroline has been overcompensating for her own feelings for Klaus by lashing out at him, Damon and Elena and well…everyone. So by making a deal he opens the door for Caroline to finally be honest. Why? Because no one will ever have to know about what she says or does because he’s leaving and leaving for good. All at once she can get rid of him and act out on her attraction. In her mind win, win.

Caroline thinks about it and responds: “I’m in college. I’m building a life for myself. I have plans and a future and things that I want. And none of those things involve you, okay? None of them.”

scene 11 yes I cover FINAL

Klaus (disappointed): “I see.”

But does he? For a moment here, Klaus believes that perhaps he was wrong. Maybe her hostility really was real. Maybe she truly detests him and feels no attraction toward him whatsoever. But his disappointment is in vain when Caroline jumps in to further explain what she meant, leading to her own confession.

“No, you don’t, because yes I cover our connection with hostility because yes, I hate myself for the truth. So if you promise to walk away like you said and never come back, then yes, I will be honest with you. I will be honest with you about what I want.”

scene 12 about what I want FINAL

Long stares between the two follow. Klaus makes up his mind quickly (a little too quickly perhaps?)”

“I will walk away and I will never come back… I promise.” He says the “promise” with a mischievous smile as if he has no intention of actually keeping it.

scene 13 will walk away FINAL

Klaus stares at Caroline wondering if the promise has worked. Caroline steps closer to Klaus as if to kiss him.

scene 14 steps closer final

“Good,” she reiterates. Then she kisses him.

Klaus and Caroline final kiss one final

They pull apart long enough to reveal Klaus’s smile. She smiles back.

kiss 2 final kiss 4 final kiss 5 final

From there, moving with lightning speed they both go in for a passionate kiss. As for what follows, the rest is left up to the imagination.

kiss 6 final

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t believe Klaus that he’ll never return to Mystic Falls (as Marcel over on The Originals pointed out, Klaus returned to New Orleans in a really good mood). It’s not like he’s never lied before for his own personal gain. For now, though, it seems there’s going to be a long break before we get another Klaus and Caroline scene. Yet somehow it’s easy to imagine Caroline making her way to New Orleans one day when as Klaus argued small town life just won’t be enough for her anymore.

Besides, I don’t think a villainous vampire with Byronic tendencies plans on keeping his promise anyway. That is unless his Byronic focus switches from Caroline to Camille. From Klaus’s perspective, he probably sees the promise as more of a suggestion anyway.

So what did you think of the Klaus and Caroline scene in the woods? Was their kiss worth the wait? Or are you bothered that they won’t have a scene for a while? Sound off below…

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  1. suz

    Umm, Caroline and Klaus. Who’d have thought it? Vampires get so passionate.
    I used to love Vampire Diaries but I got fed up with it when Elena hooked up with Daemon. Not that I thought Daemon wasn’t the better choice but love triangles just don’t work for me.

    • Amber Topping

      Yes they do. 🙂 I kind of knew what I was getting into with the whole Stefan/Damon/Elena triangle since it’s so prevalent in the books, so I didn’t mind that! For me, I love some triangles and others not so much.

  2. WaterlilySan

    Oh I hope he does break his promise because that was awesome and I need more if these two. Definitely the romantic moment of the week.

    • Amber Topping

      Oh he’s definitely going to break that promise eventually! That grin gave him away!

  3. milla

    As soon as the scene was over, I screamed at the screen “That’s not enough!!!!”


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