Oscar Wilde

“Never love anyone who treats you like you are ordinary.”
-Oscar Wilde

I recently bought a bracelet with this quote etched on it. I think it’s brilliant and I’m considering it my good luck charm at the moment. So:

All you single people, people in not so perfect relationships, people in relationships simply because they are “comfortable,” etc. – please take this to heart, or try to. Wilde had a point. Don’t settle – and this applies to both boys and girls, BTW.

This site celebrates romance, so I think we should all take a tiny chunk of our lives to celebrate true romance being in our life, whether you already have it or are waiting for it. Take a page from the romantic novels, movies, and television shows that we feature on this site, and believe in true romance. Let yourself dream and believe in your own self-worth.

I don’t mean you should pine and wait for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect. Let’s be honest, that’s just a pipe dream; no one is perfect, and fairytales don’t exist in real life. That is not the message Wilde is conveying with this brilliant quote. However, we are all worth that little extra attention and care. We are worth having a partner who lets us know we are special to them, and vice versa.

When or if you have met that special someone, let them know that, in your eyes, they are anything but ordinary; to you they are extraordinary. Try it and see what happens, whether that means waiting for someone who treats you as more than ordinary or you try letting your love know they are extraordinary.

So, let’s cheer for extraordinary love and romance! That’s all for today folks. Till next time!

Do you agree with me? Do you have a special someone who treats you like your beyond ordinary? Sound off below…



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