When Kevin Sullivan’s adaptation of Anne of Green Gables first aired in 1985, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the phenomenon it would become. Everything about the miniseries was pure magic. Was it an exact replica of Montgomery’s imaginative and captivating work? No. But Kevin Sullivan captured Anne’s spirit, something no other adaptation has done before or since (at least as well).

So this week, I want to showcase Sullivan Entertainment’s Youtube page. The page includes all sorts of fabulous behind the scenes goodies that will entice you back to the beautiful little town on Prince Edward Island and into the world of Anne Shirley.

For instance, the page features audition videos, interviews from cast and crew, behind the scenes features, and so much more. If you love Anne of Green Gables as much as me, you will enjoy clicking through each video one by one. (On a side note, many of the other Anne and Gilberts sounded as if they were auditioning for a bad 1970s made for TV movie.)

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So thanks, Kevin Sullivan for sharing even more of the magic! For those who watched Road to Avonlea and Wind at My Back, there are several insider videos included on the page as well.  Below are just a few of the wonderful videos released by Sullivan Entertainment.

NOTE: Some of the videos have now been deleted!

Any behind the scene feature or clip stand out? Want to discuss your love for all things Anne? Sound off below…

Top Photo Credit: Sullivan Entertainment


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