15 Out of this World Classic Mulder and Scully Moments

#9 “Folie a Deux” (5×19)

classic Mulder and Scully moment

What many classic Mulder and Scully moments do is remind the viewer that no matter how outlandish the tale or far-fetched the theory, Scully always does her part. She will turn to science and she will either back his theories or debunk them. But, not until she thoroughly does her part. This time, Mulder needed to remind her and he does so in spectacular fashion. “Scully you have to believe me. Nobody else on this whole damn planet does or ever will. You’re my one in….five billion.” Followed by an intense eye exchange. Scully doesn’t need to say anything. While she may still be skeptical, she will do her part.  Hey, if someone told me I was their one in five billion, I pretty much would do what they told me, too!

#10 “The Unnatural” (6×19)

classic Mulder and Scully

“The Unnatural” was the first episode written and directed by David Duchovny. It is also arguably one of the best of the series. Told mostly in flashbacks to the late 1940s, Mulder and Scully share some super cute classic Mulder and Scully moments at the beginning. Yet, none were so cute as this one at the end. This moment shows their playful side. The banter is familiar and personal, filled with innuendo!! They tease each other and laugh together. It’s emotionally intimate as Mulder shares one of his loves with Scully. Teaching her how to hold the bat and swing, every touch not only instructional but personal as well turns a baseball lesson into an expression of love. Hips before hands, Scully, hips before hands.

#11 “The Sixth Extinction II – Amor Fati” (7×02)

This classic Mulder and Scully moment is breathtakingly romantic in its simplicity. After Mulder was rescued from certain death, Scully is dismayed to find him attempting to dress and come into the office. Scully has experienced events that rock the foundations of her beliefs. She does not know what to believe or who to trust. After Scully tearfully tells Mulder of Diana Fowley’s murder, she hugs him close. Mulder’s own experience reinforced the one constant in his life. So, he tells Scully of an alternate reality where everything was as he wanted. At this point he cups her face tenderly, telling her how this life he experienced was nothing he recognized except for one thing. Scully.

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“You were my friend and you told me the truth. Even when the world was falling apart you were my constant. My touchstone.”

“And you are mine.”

Scully then gives Mulder the LONGEST forehead kiss ever. She cups his face and traces his lips with her thumbs before disappearing down the hallway. Sigh.

#12 “Millennium” (7×04)

It’s New Year’s Eve and as Mulder and Scully often do with holidays, they are celebrating in a hospital. As they are leaving, Mulder and Scully stop to watch the ball drop on television. Suddenly, Mulder looks at Scully and then really looks at Scully. Feeling the weight of his stare, Scully turns but before she can say anything, he kisses her. Not a kiss on the cheek. Not a brush of the lips. A real, honest to goodness kiss. Their first kiss! It was sweetly romantic in its utter perfection. When they break apart, they smile at each other.

“The world didn’t end.”

“No, it didn’t.”

Well, for us fans, for a moment there, it certainly did!

#13 “All Things” (7×17)

classic Mulder and Scully moment

Written and directed by Gillian Anderson, “All Things” is one of the more spiritual episodes of The X-FilesIt is a Scully-centric episode that delves into a past relationship from her youth. It’s also one of those episodes you either love or hate. Either way, there is no denying this classic Mulder and Scully moment. They sit impossibly close on Mulder’s couch. Scully is visibly exhausted. Mulder is tender as he watches her. As Mulder and Scully discuss choice and fate, Scully falls asleep. Then, ever so gently, Mulder brushes Scully’s hair from her face. He stares at her tenderly, lingering on her lips before covering her with a blanket. There is no doubt this moment is romantic, filled with longing, and achingly sweet.

#14 “Deadalive” (8×15)

classic Mulder and Scully moment

Season 8 and 9 of The X-Files are difficult for me to watch. Sometimes, I like to pretend the seasons don’t exist but then I remember classic Mulder and Scully moments like this. Season 8 is one long search for a missing Mulder. Scully’s heartbreaking cries when Mulder is found dead are haunting. However, this is The X-Files so of course, he’s not. But he is dying. When all hope seems lost, Mulder finally wakes. The first person he sees is Scully. She is crying as she whispers a hello. In true Mulder fashion, he pretends to not know her. For a second, Scully looks devastated. Then she catches the teasing look on Mulder’s face. At last, they share that look. You know the one I mean. The look they perfected over eight years. There is no need for words.

#15 “My Struggle” (10×01)

classic Mulder and Scully moment

With the return of The X-Files in 2016, fans received a plethora of new yet classic Mulder and Scully moments. Ranging from the humorous (“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”) to deeply emotional (“Home Again”), there were many out of this world moments. However, one of my favorites was from the first episode of Season 10. When Mulder and Scully return, they are estranged. Mulder is still angry, taking swipes at Scully’s expense. They are an ocean apart. Despite this, their connection is still deep. As Mulder tells Scully of his discovery, he is vibrating with emotion. Scully fears for Mulder’s well-being. He fears she no longer believes in him. They argue and their argument is more about their relationship than Mulder’s discovery. It was a beautiful classic Mulder and Scully moment.

These are just a few classic Mulder and Scully moments…..yes, a few! Had I not given myself a set number, this likely would have featured 30 or more! Which ones would you add? Share them below!

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