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15 Charming Romances Under the Skyline of New York

Ahh, New York! For many of us, the appeal of the city is a magnetic pull we’d like to answer. I am one of these people. The Big Apple isn’t a place I’ve visited, but it’s one of those bucket list places I’d like to see, even if only for the experience.

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New York serves as inspiration for many icons, pop culture and more sobering, as a reminder of America’s strength. If you’re like me, merely hearing the name might make you want to burst out in the New York! New York! refrain. Today is National New York Day, which is a deserving notion for the state. For those of us who can’t see the colorful place in person, we have the next best thing.

Today at Silver Petticoat we’re all about sharing with you some of our favorite romances. In honor of New York day, we bring you a list of 15 romantic films set under New York City’s skyline. From classics to contemporaries, period dramas to comedies, the hope is you’ll find something to suit your cinematic preference.

So, grab a bowl of popcorn and your favorite armchair. Below we share with you 15 films you can stay in with and still be a part of this day that celebrates New York.

15 Charming Romances Under the Skyline of New York

1: An Affair to Remember

New York
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr co-star in this story of two people who meet up after a chance encounter. Despite this being a kind of iconic romance, it’s one I have never seen. But it’s famous for the scenes on top of the Empire State Building.

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Content Note: This film is NR but PG-like.

2: Autumn in New York

Though I’ve also not seen this one, I can tell by its synopsis, it’s really not a “me story.” Far too bittersweet from the sound of things. Still, those who like Richard Gere might like to see him co-star with Winona Ryder (Little Women). Ryder plays a woman with a life-threatening illness, and Gere, the man with whom she falls in love with.

You can rent or buy Autumn in New York on Amazon Video

Content Note: This film rates PG-13 for “language and some sensuality.”

3: Before We Go

New York
Photo: Wonderland Sound and Vision/RADiUS

An Indie film, this one features Captain America aka Chris Evans (he also serves as the director in this moody romance). Despite its open-ended conclusion, I adore this film. It’s about a couple who meet in a serendipitous manner and spend a night walking around New York.

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Content Note: This film rates PG-13 for some profanity (including the F-word) and sensuality.

4: Brooklyn

This stunning period drama tells the story of an Irish immigrant who arrives in the states seeking a better life. While in Brooklyn, she discovers friends and love. Shortly after this, she then must return home urgently for her family. Once there, she discovers how much – and who, she missed while in America.

You can rent or buy Brooklyn on Amazon Video.

Content Note: Brooklyn rates PG13 for some adult situations.

5: The House of Mirth

Again, this is another one that’s too sorrowful for me with its bittersweet story. But the historical setting helps distract from everything else. It’s about a woman (played by Gillian Anderson) obsessed with making a perfect match at the expense of the possibility of true love.

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Content note: This film is PG for “thematic elements.” 

6: It Could Happen to You

New York
Photo: TriStar Pictures

An oldie romantic-comedy from the ’90s, I first saw this one as a teen. Because of this, it’s got all the nostalgic qualities I attach to romcoms from this era. It stars Bridget Fonda and Nicolas Cage as two people who randomly win the lottery together. It’s also loosely inspired by true events.

You can rent or buy It Could Happen to You on Amazon Video.

Content Note: this film rates PG for some minor profanity.

7: Kate & Leopold

This is a new-to-me romantic comedy since I’d never seen it up until about 2 years ago. It’s about a gentleman (Hugh Jackman) from the Victorian age who is transported to contemporary New York. While there, he finds true love with a modern and quirky woman named Kate (played by the adorable Meg Ryan).

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Content Note: There are some minor profanities and a few “crude” sexual jokes. The film rates PG-13.


8: On the Town

New York
Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

True story, I’ve never seen this musical all the way through. I watched part of it at a hotel during a family vacation, but cannot remember if it was the first or latter half. Either way, I do remember liking the old-fashioned romantic musical, and the military angle is always an incentive. Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Vera-Ellen co-star in this Big Apple romance.

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Content note: this film is “not rated,” but far as I know, contains nothing offensive.

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