14 Not-So-Scary Movies for Halloween

#8: The Book of Lifebook of life

What it is about: A young hero travels between the world of the living and the world of the dead. So perfect for this time of year because it heavily features the traditions associated with celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

Spookiness factor: This is one of the most colorful movies you’ll see this season. It’s lively and fun and gorgeous and will sometimes make you feel like you’re in one glorious party more than anything else.

Alternative suggestion: The Box Trolls, a whimsical tale about some not very scary trolls and an evil exterminator.

#9: High Anxiety high anxiety - Not-So-Scary Movies for Halloween

What it is about: This is definitely not a traditional horror movie at all, but somehow this silly thriller satisfies my desire for ridiculous fun for the season. Mel Brooks incorporated elements of many Alfred Hitchcock films in this movie about a psychiatrist who is framed for murder and tries to clear himself.

Spookiness factor: Basically nothing. Even a sendoff of the hero being attacked by birds like the classic Hitchcock film becomes goofy.

Alternative suggestion: Young Frankenstein also by Mel Brooks.

#10: Nightmare Before Christmas

Photo: Geffen Company

What it is about: One of my favorite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas tells the tale of the dapper skeleton king of Halloween Town who gets bored with his job and decides to take over Christmas for once. Chaos and craziness ensue.

Spookiness factor: Cute and occasionally creepy goblins and ghoulies abound, and even Jack has some scary moments that might bother sensitive children, but this is mostly endearing and delightful stop-motion animated creatures singing their hearts out with some mischievous tunes.

Alternative suggestion: A Christmas Carol – another holiday themed scary tale. Use the fact that it features ghosts as an excuse to watch your favorite version for Halloween.

#11: Monster House monster house- Not-So-Scary Movies for Halloween

What it is about: Some children need to face the horrors of a living breathing house to stop its reign of terror.

Spookiness factor: One of the movies with the most scares on my list. Think of it as a very thrilling adventure but with a very creepy antagonist. It invokes all the feelings you’ve had about any rickety old house you’ve had to pass at night.

Alternative suggestion: The Goonies. Children going off on scary adventures is not a bad bet for Halloween.

paranorman#12: Paranorman

What it is about: Poor Norman can see the dead around him though no one else can, and this understandably doesn’t work out too well for him. In the end, he and his friends will have to contend with an ancient curse, zombies, and other scares before everything is done

Spookiness factor: This story can be very suspenseful and be ready for some situations which stir your emotions, but this is really fun and a funny adventure too.

Alternative suggestion: Frankenweenie.

#13: Labyrinth

Labyrinth - Not-So-Scary Movies for Halloween
Photo: Columbia/Tri-Star

What it is about: Since this is one of my favorite movies you can’t blame me too much for trying to work it in. This is a fantasy movie, but the plot sounds like it totally could go the way of the horror movie right? A goblin king steals a baby away to his labyrinth. The baby’s intrepid older sister sets out to save him.

Spookiness factor: If you’re familiar with Jim Henson’s creature shop, you’re acquainted with the fascinating, delightful and fey beings that inhabit this land. Some of the situations might disturb very little children, but this is far more captivating than anything else. David Bowie in his Goblin King garb is enough to mesmerize you alone.

Alternative suggestions: Jim Henson’s The Storyteller TV series which features the same amazing visuals and a strong fantasy element.

#14: The Mummy

The Mummy - Not-So-Scary Movies for Halloween
Photo: Universal Pictures

What it is about: The 1999 version of this classic monster movie theme tells the story of some treasure seeking adventurers who awaken a mummy that sets out to take his vengeance on the world (which is the first thing all of us would do in the same situation you have to admit).

Spookiness factor: This adventure features Indiana Jones style thrills and scares which can get pretty intense.

Alternative suggestions: If you think about it, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Temple of Doom make great Halloween viewing.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive or a definitive list so feel free to weigh in with your own opinions and suggestions in the comments. What not-so-scary movies do you watch on Halloween?

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By on October 28th, 2015

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6 thoughts on “14 Not-So-Scary Movies for Halloween”

  1. Great list! I’m not one for scary stuff either. I definitely need to see The Nightmare Before Christmas this Halloween and I’d like to see Labyrinth as well.

  2. Great job, Dixie-Ann! I’m not a scary movie kind of girl either. You put a LOT of work into this list and of course, it’s the perfect list to publish this week. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. This is a such a great list! I don’t like horror much but horror-lite I am up for and there are quite a few mentioned here that I’ve never seen.

    Coraline was a weird one for me. I didn’t find it that scary while watching it, but after I’d finished I found myself in that very watchful state where you notice every tiny sound. I found it really charming, but it got deep into my head. Which shows it’s a great film, of course. I’d say anyone whose childhood was very frightening, especially if, like with me, that was partly because of their mother, might want to be cautious about seeing it.

    • That’s a very insightful observation about Coraline. Sometimes something might not be overtly frightening but can leave us feeling unsettled just like you said. This can happen with a lot of stories aimed for children. If you’ve never read the Coraline book look out for that feeling if you ever do.

      I hope you found some good options to check out and thanks for reading!


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