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So, what exactly is our period drama review archives? Here at The Silver Petticoat Review, we love period and costume dramas (if you haven’t figured that out already). And since we do so many period drama reviews on this site (we will include fantasy in this list as well), we decided to create a helpful archive for those looking for another costume drama to watch. Over time, we hope this archive will grow and become a great resource for everyone out there looking for something to watch.  Furthermore, several old period drama favorites not yet reviewed are just around the corner!

While our separate period drama category will include everything period drama (such as articles and romantic moments), this period drama review archive will be devoted entirely to reviews. Moreover, we split up and categorized the reviews into historical eras to assist you in your next choice! If you prefer Victorian to the Elizabethan Era, you’ll know just where to click as each era now has their own page! We apologize in advance for our limited number of Ancient Period Dramas. More coming on the way soon…

And because we want to help our fellow period drama lovers who prefer their content a little more old-fashioned, all period dramas Rated R or TV-MA, will get a content note.

Good luck on your next period drama choice! But first, if you’re looking for a good recommendation, we suggest a look at Autumn’s Top 50 list:

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Period Drama Review Archives

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If you have any period dramas you would like us to cover, just let us know! Until then, what period dramas will you be watching? Any that you would like to recommend to everyone?