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Your Monthly Silver Petticoat Newsletter

"Reading Woman in the Forest" by Gyula Beczur (1875)

“Reading Woman in the Forest” by Gyula Beczur (1875)

We will now be sharing with you a monthly newsletter that will go out on the first of each month. Or every other month depending on our schedules. The monthly newsletter may include:

  1. Highlights for the past month from The Silver Petticoat Review.
  2. Watchlist Highlights which includes New Releases in Theaters, VOD, New TV Premieres & Returning Shows.
  3. Books we think sound promising and therefore recommend – many of these will be new releases so you can know what’s coming out. We’ll include links to the ebooks as well as the physical copy. These probably won’t be “free” or “deal” books.
  4. A few free and inexpensive ebook deals focused on the categories we recommend on the site.
  5. Anything else we feel like sharing for the month!

The content will be Silver Petticoat Style! In other words, categories and content fitting to The Silver Petticoat Review! For further descriptions of our Vision and Categories read our ABOUT. Since we are an old-fashioned themed site, we are looking to share content with PG-13 “like” content or below, minus a few exceptions for artistic reasons and/or genre interest.