“Vulgarity is no substitute for wit.” — Violet Crawley, Downton Abbey

The Silver Petticoat Review was started by twin sisters and a close friend (Amber, Autumn, and Rebecca) – all with a vision in mind. To discuss the type of entertainment we all love in the hopes of finding kindred spirits with similar interests. The idea first began at a Victorian Tea Room a few years ago and now here we are!

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The Silver Petticoat Review is a hybrid online magazine with a vintage design that is a mix between a blog, an entertainment magazine and a literary/film journal. We discuss both classic and modern film, literature, theater, and television in a fun and fashionable way.

While we cover different categories, our blogazine specializes in stories from around the world with old-fashioned romance and storytelling. Our objective is to promote and bring back enthusiasm for swoon-worthy love stories and diverse traditional storytelling without the excess of explicit content and unsentimental cynicism.

In all, we hope to not quite be high-brow or pretentious, as we like to have a bit of geeky fun, but we’re also not low brow. So think of us as something in-between.

What is Old-Fashioned Romance? Read Our Checklist – As Defined By Us (Film, Literature, & TV Recommendations included)

What is Old-Fashioned Storytelling? Read Our Checklist As Defined By Us (Film, Literature, & TV Recommendations included)


Our magazine’s focus is on all of the categories from Literature, Film, Theater and Television listed below (though each story within these categories must also have elements of old-fashioned romance and/or storytelling for us to cover it):

  • Period Drama and Historical Fiction
  • Classics
  • Genre
    • Supernatural (IE: Monster Literature)
    • Fantasy
    • Romantic Fantasy
    • Urban Fantasy
    • Paranormal Romance
    • Magical Realism
    • Fairy Tales
    • Folklore, Fables
    • Sci-fi
    • Time Travel
    • Dystopian
    • Steampunk
    • Space Opera
    • Adventure
    • Gothic
  • Literary Fiction or Intelligent Drama/Comedy
  • Brit Lit
  • Epic
  • Suspense/Psychological Thriller (think Hitchcock)
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Historical Mystery
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Historical Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Romantic Comedies
  • Other Romantic Categories not already mentioned
  • Autobiography/Biography/Memoir (typically about literary/film/historical figures rather than modern political ones)
  • Non-Animated Feel-Good Movies (IE: A Hallmark Movie)
  • Religious Fiction (within our categories of interest)
  • YA Literature, Films or Shows (within our categories of interest)
  • Female-Driven
  • Animation: Classic Disney, female-driven, romantic, or based on folklore/fairy tales
  • Content with Byronic Heroes
  • Independent Films (that fit within our categories of interest)
  • International  (IE: K-Dramas)
  • Other – Any film, book, or show we feel fits that doesn’t technically fit into the above categories. These will have an element of old-fashioned romance and/or storytelling

We strive to include content that has PG-13 “like” content or below, minus a few exceptions for artistic merit and/or genre interest. However, these exceptions are made very selectively and depend on the overall “feel” of the story. That said, just because something is PG or PG-13 doesn’t mean it is old-fashioned or that we automatically cover it.

However, if we do cover a film, book or show that is R-Rated in content (though this is less typical), we will give a content warning. It should be noted that we do not believe the MPAA rating system necessarily works as we are only using it as a basic guide to explain what kind of content we typically cover in film, literature, theater and television. If there is only a scene or two (while still looking at the overall feel of the story) that may cause an R-Rating we’re more likely to cover it than content that has vulgar and/or gratuitous content throughout. Some of our earlier articles, however, do cover more explicit content. We have added content notes for your convenience. We apologize in advance if any slipped our notice.

Refer to our guides for old-fashioned romance and old-fashioned storytelling for more detailed descriptions of what we cover.


Mick and Beth from Moonlight Photo: CBS

Mick and Beth from Moonlight
Photo: CBS

If you love old-fashioned romance found in Jane Austen productions or other period dramas, well-written books and films without all the f-bombs and explicit sex scenes, international shows with fantastic writing, witty comedy (Oscar Wilde is our friend), a paranormal love story where the leading man is immortal and gives smoldering stares like Mr. Darcy, or even old-fashioned romance of the sappy variety – like a Hallmark film, then join us in the discussion! We’re here to have fun and celebrate what we love. And hopefully, what you do too!

vintage girl reading

We want to bring back the joy we felt as kids when we read a good story. Because, for us, reading or watching a story that inspires us or moves us, is what good storytelling is all about. We hope to find those stories and share them with you so all of our lives can be a little bit brighter and happier.

The Silver Petticoat Review Menu (with descriptions):


Film Reviews (including film shorts) of mainstream and indie movies

Literature Reviews

Television Reviews

Theater Reviews 

TV Recaps – Recaps of various TV Shows.

Vintage Reviews (any film/show or book published 10 or more years before the published date of the review)

YA Tower


Literature Reviews (as well as films/shows adapted from books) focused only on YA. We hope it will be a safe haven and a lot of fun to read!


Articles – Magazine like articles, features or musings on various subjects related to film, literature, and TV. We also will put video recommendations and guest posts we have here.

Behind the Grimm – Modern adaptations of fairy and folk tales influenced by the Grimm brothers comparing the new with the old.

Blog Posts – Blog style articles. 

  • Climbing the Alpine Path/Working Title – Coming Soon! Amber and Autumn’s (Silver Petticoat’s Editors) journey to writing novels and screenplays.
  • Curious Appetites  – Coming Soon! A food blog that will be connected to literature, film and television. For example, recipes inspired by something written in a novel.
  • Learn to Entertainment Blog  – Coming Soon! We always get asked how we put together this site, how we write reviews, where we get pictures, etc…so we thought we’d share with all of you what we’ve learned with lists, tips and how to guides for anyone looking to put together a book, film or TV blog or even an Author website or something similar.
  • Silver Petticoat Travels – A new travel writing experience. We travel to locations around the world focused on literature, film, and television and share our experiences as well as give you some helpful tips and fun trivia. Whether it’s visiting Concord, Massachusetts where Louisa May Alcott, Emerson and Thoreau lived or visiting where they filmed Anne of Green Gables, we plan on making this a lot of fun to read. There will also be travel lists and other recommendations connected to the topic.
  • Silver Petticoat Updates – News and Updates connected to the site!
  • Silver Vintage Videos  – Transformative videos made by Amber and Autumn. We have had a couple different popular youtube channels over the years but have been using this       particular one since 2009. We have quite a bit of fun making these videos about various Films and TV Series and perhaps are best known for our romantic montages as well as our Moonlight videos (that were popular on a previous YT channel). We have an emotion driven style that focuses on storytelling rather than heavy effects and have won a few transformative video editing awards over the years. We will continue to share all new videos with you as we make them!
  • Story Glamour – A blog section dedicated to story (film, literature, and TV) inspired makeup and fashion. From vintage makeup reviews, how-to guides, easy tutorials, costumes and more!

Book Trailers – Coming Soon! Book Trailers made by us about classic literature.

Doctor Who Diaries – Autumn (and sometimes Amber) shares her thoughts and theories on Doctor Who because it’s the best show ever!

Fairies, Witches, and Gods! Oh My! – This column focuses on elements of fairy tales, folk tales and mythology used in literature, film, and television. This may include posts from us or even guest posts from experts and/or authors talking about a tale or myth that influenced their story.


Interviews – We talk to various people from film, literature and TV. In the past, we did the Petticoat Personality Test, but moving forward we will only be doing regular interviews.

My Journey Into Old Movies – Rebecca shares her journey easing into classic films (this section now is mostly retired). Follow along and watch the same movies with Rebecca as she experiences some older films for the first time (as picked by fellow Silver Petticoat writers Amber and Autumn). This is perfect to follow for anyone interested in watching classic films but have been too afraid to try before.

Quizzes – Our version of fun online personality quizzes for you to take.

Revisiting Disney – Silver Petticoat writer, Bailey, takes an in-depth look at all of the Disney animated classics.

Silver Petticoat Mysteries

The Silver Petticoat Mysteries

Coming soon! A new column coming soon with a fun twist. Each post will include a new mystery. Basically, how it works is we pick an old book we find in a used bookstore or even a vintage shop and then we start to research. These are typically lesser known novels forgotten over time and we want them to be remembered again. So we will research the author and the book and share what we find. We’ll also let you know what the book is about and more.

Typing Fictional Characters – We type fictional characters using the Myers-Briggs Assessment. We base our choices on research and all around educated guessing. It’s all in good fun and we love a good discussion, so if you agree or disagree with our choices let us know!


Fun and informative lists.


Romantic Moment of the Week

We highlight old-fashioned romantic screen moments from all the way back to the silent era of film to present day film, literature, and television. Expect to find new/recent romantic moments, classic romantic moments, and literary romantic moments. We want to bring the excitement of old-fashioned romance back! This column typically goes up on Saturdays.


A huge focus of this site is the past! And while we do have vintage reviews, we see “Classics” as being a little bit different and more artistic. Every Movie, Book or TV Show Review released through the 1960s will have an extra “Classics” categorization. Any Movies, Books or TV Shows released after 1969 and through the 1990s will be given special artistic consideration to receive a “Classics” categorization. Documentaries or researched biopics about classic authors (IE: a documentary about Louisa May Alcott or a biopic about Jane Austen) will also be given the classification no matter what year the film was made – as long as it’s of high quality. Faithful adaptations of classic novels (these have to clearly be novels that have stood the test of time) will be given the tag as well because they are connected to classic literature.

We will also give the “Classics” tag to articles/lists that are focused on the classics or the authors (IE: Jane Austen quotes or a romantic moment from a classic film/classic adaptation).


We love period dramas! So any time our articles are about a period drama we will give it a secondary categorization of period drama to make them easy to find. We will also include costume dramas (including some fantasy). Look for these sub-categories to come soon. We’ve also included a Period Drama Archive for an easy go-to list of all of the reviews.


Any article or review that is connected to fairy tales, folklore or mythology we will give a secondary categorization so you can find all of the “fairytale” content in one place!


Your Silver Petticoat Monthly Newsletter. We now are sharing with you free and discounted/inexpensive ebooks focused on the categories of this site! We will send out a once monthly (sometimes bimonthly) newsletter with links to some awesome books with great deals researched by us. The email will also include recommendations, a monthly Movie/TV watchlist, and more. The buy links are available to the US, UK, Australia and Canada. Subscribe to our site now to get exclusive access.


A Silver Petticoat online issue/journal with original stories, artwork and more! Watch for more updates and announcements to come.

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