Suspicious Partner K-drama Review – Romance Amidst Court Room Drama

suspicious partner

Suspicious Partner K-drama Review – Romance Amidst Court Room Drama

Suspicious Partner tells the story of Eun Bong-Hee, a young lawyer-to-be. After a violent murder transpires in her apartment, Bong-Hee faces murder charges. A dashing prosecutor, Noh Ji-Wook, rides in to save the day – and further complicate things as Bong-Hee falls hard in love and tries to solve the murder mystery.

Reasons To Love Suspicious Partner

The Leads!

And fabulous cast!! I love it when a show gives us a delightful cast of characters. Plus, squad goals! What more could a girl ask for?

suspicious partner
Eun Bong-Hee’s second encounter with Ji-Wook

Nam Ji-Hyun plays the lead heroine Eun Bong-Hee, a young woman trying to make it in the professional world of lawyers. Though this is former child actress Ji-Hyun’s first real adult romance, she easily brings to life a fun, lively adult character. I loved Bong-Hee for her sweet nature mixed with just the right amount of sass and boldness. After all, she refused to take bad behavior from bratty co-workers and remained strong despite a murder charge and getting mixed up with a killer. Through it all, she shined as an extremely relatable woman. We couldn’t help but cheer for her to the end!

No Ji-Wook played by Ji Chang-Wook won countless hearts including my own!! Perhaps the real question is when is Ji Chang-Wook not amazing? Once again, he delivers humor, depth, and pathos to a wonderful character. Opposite to the more sympathetic Bong-Hee, Ji-Wook is a hardened prosecutor who only cares about stopping injustice. Yet incredibly he is one of the sweetest, most respectful and patient heroes I’ve seen in a while. Though his feelings for Bong-Hee don’t surface for a while their chemistry rocks the show!

Awesome Lawyer Squad!

suspicious partner

Lawyer Ji Eun-Hyuk – an absolutely adorable dork, always laughing at everything and everyone to keep up the atmosphere and hide his own feelings. He sticks to Ji-Wook like glue despite the troubled waters between them over an incident from the past. Choi Tae-Joon seriously delights in this role and makes me want to see him head his own K-drama!

Representative Byun – a much older lawyer who consistently gives Ji-Wook advice and support no matter what. Basically, I love their relationship!

Prosecution Investigation Officer Bang – A smart and clever investigator who is close with Ji-Wook. And he always has wonderful, snappy comments about everything going on the office! Probably the most level-headed dude on the team also.

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In addition, the show introduced us to a lot of intriguing characters as clients and by far the most riveting and fascinating was Jung Hyun-Soo, a young man who seeks Bong-Hee’s help as a lawyer after he’s accused of murder. As soon as he comes on screen you’ll start wondering: Seems like he’s telling the truth! Oh, my word his sad eyes are killing me. And that smile?! Just who is Hyun-Soo??!

The Romance!

I love rom-coms and Suspicious Partner delivers with lots of adorkable and sweet moments for our couple from their crazy first meeting to their even crazier second meeting! I adore watching a couple build a relationship out of genuine care and concern for each other and the building of the relationship. Let Bong-Hee and Ji-Wook charm your heart!

suspicious partner

Also, the show is gorgeous! The warm lighting, reflections, and camera angles on many scenes – especially those kiss scenes! – gets me every time.

The Mystery!

Balancing a dark murder mystery with a romance story takes a delicate balance which Suspicious Partner managed better than other shows I’ve seen attempting the same thing. I admit that the latter half of the show began to show a lack of plot pacing and some annoying “misunderstandings” between the couple for romantic suspense. But the ending delivered the climax and excitement for a satisfying conclusion to the story!

The Questions!

suspicious partner
Dong-Ha looking pensive

I love shows that ask all those intriguing questions about what makes people tick and why we do the things we do. With a murder charge on the heroine, how could this show not?? Suspicious Partner cracks open quite a few court cases, some of them about murder, leading us to ask those age-old questions of crime dramas. Was it nature or nurture that lead someone to make these decisions? Should the lawyers have any qualms about representing someone that they believe is guilty?

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Consequently, I appreciated the personal dilemmas that the lawyers/prosecutors faced. One episode, in particular, dealt with the whole quandary of whether or not a lawyer should protect their client if they asked for help to lie in court with the Lawyer Squad all having a different viewpoint on the situation.


Finally, we come to the conclusion! Why should you watch Suspicious Partner? *drumroll*

suspicious partner
He’s smiling!!!!

Hilarious antics. Intense emotional showdowns. Silly squad arguments! Swoony kisses and confessions! And beautiful cinematography. Oh, and did I mention Ji Chan-wook’s face?? Okay, go check it out on Dramafever or Viki!

You can also buy on Amazon below. (This is an affiliate link, which means that if you click on this product and buy, we’ll receive a small commission.)

Content Note: TV PG

Photos: SBS



Four and a half corset rating

“You had me at hello.”


Five heart rating

“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope.

I have loved none but you.”

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  • Table122000

    I really enjoyed Suspicious Partner. The romance between the leads was great, and there were some great kisses!

    • Yeah! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I agree; the romance was delightful. And some great kisses (also beautifully shot with all that light and reflections hehe)



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