Klaus and Cami in No More Heartbreaks


Perhaps “No More Heartbreaks” should have been called “No More Surprises.” Everything went down exactly as predicted which is more than a little disappointing. Cami’s life was hanging in the balance. But was she able to make it out of the episode alive? Well, not only did Cami die but Davina did as well – most likely temporarily on Davina’s part but the imagery of two main female characters biting the dust in one episode was disheartening and frankly quite frustrating.

Sorry writers, the episode was wonderfully written (despite its predictability), acted (major props to Leah Pipes and the rest of the cast), and the romance between Klaus and Cami will go down in the books for that beautiful ending, but I simply am not happy that Cami was written off the series. Yep, it’s as simple as that. But hey, I’m someone who believed Titanic had a happy ending. So here’s to hoping Klaus and Camille will at the least be reunited on the other side at the end of the series. I say let’s give them a Wuthering Heights end.

That said, I want to have a conversation with TV writers, in general, to tell them that I just want a break from all the killing. There’s too much death on television right now and an almost complete lack of happy endings. As if the more death there is the more seriously people will take them. The more “artistic” their writing will be seen. I take the other view. I think killing off characters has become incredibly predictable and redundant. And I’m finding it more than a little tiresome. I love tragedy as much as the next person. But the sheer level of tragedy has me hoping for a little more light and a little less darkness. In other words, more Camille on my TV screen. I’m sad to see the “light” leave The Originals.

So, let’s take a look at “No More Heartbreaks” and what went down.

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The Originals No more heartbreaks

In the beginning of “No More Heartbreaks,” Cami wakes to find herself bitten by Lucien’s poisonous bite. Thankfully, she’s able to escape. Without wasting any time, Cami breaks free from Lucien using one of her dark weapons. She runs straight to Klaus where she confesses her true feelings to him. She loves him and wanted to tell him before she died. Klaus catches Cami who begins to collapse from weakness and carries her away in hopes of finding a way to save her. He decides to hold off his declaration of love for the time being.

Meanwhile, Vincent returns to Cami’s apartment and uses magic (though he has trouble since the ancestors are working against him) to collect Lucien’s blood. They believe it might be a way to cure Cami. Unfortunately, the blood doesn’t work.

Back at the Compound, Cami decides it’s time for Klaus to write her will. After all, he owes her after she transcribed his entire memoir. But before she can reveal what she wants to leave Klaus in her will, he explodes in a moment of rage. He’s unable to face losing her.

After trying one of the attempted cures, Klaus brings Cami into a dream world where they share a perfect date at a corner café. She cheekily flirts with Klaus who continues to hold back his own feelings for her.

Elsewhere, Hayley and Elijah – in another attempt to save Cami – go to the Bayou to pick up Hope. They believe the miracle baby might have a miracle cure in her blood. But it’s another failed attempt as her blood doesn’t work either.

Back in Cami’s dream with Klaus, they walk down the dream version of New Orleans hand in hand – even reliving their first moment together. Cami again attempts to get Klaus to face the truth – but he still can’t face losing her. She wants him to know that he’s loved. She doesn’t want him to forget what she’s taught him and to hold onto the light so he can be a light to his own daughter, Hope.

Klaus sees Cami dying; No More Heartbreaks

With a hope for a cure gone, Cami’s heart begins to fade. Before the end, Klaus reveals his true feelings. He admits to loving her. And that out of his long life and the many people who have been forgotten, he will carry her with him. In that way, Cami realizes she will be immortal.

Klaus cries; No More Heartbreaks Klaus and cami dying; No More Heartbreaks

Klaus holds onto Cami in her final moments as she quietly slips away to the other side. Cami was truly “good,” the only character to remain so after being turned into a vampire. The darkness could not overcome her. And perhaps that was her greatest triumph.

How beautiful that Cami’s final moments referred to a Biblical passage about the light overcoming the darkness? That was so Bronte like to use a Biblical reference as a way to reveal emotion. Unfortunately, much like Lucy in Villette (Charlotte Bronte’s lesser known novel), Cami and Klaus are only able to have a moment of happiness where they realize they were each loved. But at least they had that moment.

klaus holds onto Cami's dead hand; No More Heartbreaks

Once Cami dies, it should be noted that Klaus does not utter one more word for the rest of the episode. He becomes silent – clearly too heartbroken to even cry out.


The Originals Davina and Lucien; No More Heartbreaks

Elsewhere in “No More Heartbreaks,” Davina discovers Kol is still in town and he’s been hiding from her. She tells him to stop keeping her out of his life and then reveals she’s going to go see Lucien to find a way to save Cami.

From there, she pays Lucien a visit to get to the truth – both about Kol and the cure. Unfortunately for Davina, her magic no longer works on Lucien with the ancestors on his side. Lucien breaks through her spells and reveals the truth – there is no cure for Camille. His bite is lethal with no loopholes. Lucien then lets Davina go because she’s not his to kill. He reveals the ancestors have something else in mind for her.

Davina returns to Kol where she confronts him about the truth he’s been hiding from her. Part of the spell that brought him back cursed him to want to kill Davina, the love of his life. And it will only get worse until he does. So Kol has Davina temporarily stake him until she can find a way to undo the curse on him.

Kol and Davina; No More Heartbreaks

In the end, the ancestors win. They release Kol from the magic of the stake. He awakens in a fit of madness and drains Davina until she’s dead.


This week the standout romantic moment(s) and favorite quotes are one and the same. They relate to the “I love you” declarations from Klaus and Cami in her final day alive. First from Camille in the beginning and the second from Klaus at the end.


Cami I love you; No More Heartbreaks

Cami: I love you and I won’t let you get yourself killed.

[Cami nearly faints from weakness.]

Klaus catches Cami; No More Heartbreaks

Klaus: Camille! [said as he catches her.]

I just needed you to know; No More Heartbreaks

Cami: I just needed you to know.

love you tomorrow klaus; No More Heartbreaks

Klaus: I can tell you I love you tomorrow. You’re not dying today.

klaus carries Cami; No More Heartbreaks


how you know you love someone; No More Heartbreaks

Cami: It’s funny. Even though we’re so different, I feel like I’ve always known you. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in your mind. Or maybe that’s just how you know you love someone.

Klaus: I do love you, you know.

I do love you; No More Heartbreaks

Cami: I thought you were gonna tell me that tomorrow. I really don’t have another tomorrow, do I?

Klaus and Cami dying; No More Heartbreaks

[Cami breaks down in a moment of fear, afraid to die as she faces her own failures.]

Klaus: Don’t you think for a moment that you failed me. You stayed my hand. You quelled my rage. You inspired goodness in me. And unlike ALL of the souls I’ve encountered and forgotten in the long march of time…I will carry you with me.

I will carry you with me; No More Heartbreaks

Cami: I guess that makes me immortal.

I guess that makes me immortal; No More Heartbreaks

The rest of the scene plays out beautifully as Klaus and Cami say their final goodbyes.

Writer, Michael Narducci went on to explain these I love you moments in depth in an interview on EW which I believe supports why these two were kindred spirits:

“We have always known there’s an incredible connection between these two people. I know there’s a lot of different fandoms who want Klaus to be with Cami or Hayley or someone who’s on another television show, Caroline. There’s people that like Klaus with Aurora. There’s people that want Klaus to be on his own. I think the truth of the matter is, when you’ve lived 1,000 years, you’re probably going to have a lot of loves. For Klaus on this show, the relationship that changed him, the relationship that gave him pause, the relationship that made him sense a kindred when he really needed a kindred [was with Cami]. Cami was someone who could look at Klaus and say, “I understand what you are and I think secretly it’s built on anger and frustration and deep, deep despair and I think you can be better.” That really changed Klaus. Of course she was beautiful and of course he couldn’t help but fall in love with her for that reason, but there was also a kinship. She knew that her power as a psychologist was she might be able to have influence on the most dangerous vampire in history and get him to stop being a savage monster, and she felt an obligation to try and lead him out of his own darkness. Whether or not she did that remains to be seen, but she certainly tried all the way through to the end of her life.”


The Originals Cami; No More Heartbreaks

I have quite the mixed emotions about the events of this episode. While I appreciated the epic kindred spirit love story shown between Klaus and Cami (you rock Narducci for making sure to point that out both in the series and in the interview!) – I just am not particularly happy they went the obvious route and let her die. I’d say they could still easily find a way to bring her back in a surprising way but the interviews going around seem to confirm that Leah Pipes as Camille has permanently left the series. Yep, another LEAD female character this season has been killed which is…you guessed it…not surprising. I don’t know what annoys me more – that Cami died OR that the bullies who hate her are already celebrating.

Has TV Become Too Predictable?

Since it’s so rare when it happens, I LOVE to be surprised. I even get a little bit of an adrenaline rush when I’m surprised by a TV Show (I admit to typically hating surprises with just about everything else in life). So, sadly everything happening as I previously predicted is a let-down. But that’s on me! I can’t blame the writers for my own unfair high expectations. Even if predictable, the writing and acting was fantastic. Not to mention that it follows familiar archetypal tropes. Plus, the writers remained true to both Cami and Klaus as characters which can also be rare on TV Shows these days. So do I have a right to complain?

I hate to say it. But I might love the show a little less. I might look forward to the series a little less. It can’t be helped. I just hope the series continues in a way that will remain true to the characters and the story moving forward. And that it doesn’t go down a path of throwing “ships” together that don’t organically make sense. If The Vampire Diaries is any indication, this fear is a valid one. I don’t look at stories from the lens of a shipper. I look at it through the lens of a storyteller. I root for story (which can definitely include a romance) above all.

The Romantic Love Story

klaus and cami she's dying; No More Heartbreaks

On another note, I want to point out that I appreciate the writers’ choice to keep the Klaus and Cami relationship wholesome till the end. Their love was always about a romantic soul connection which made it stronger than most other TV relationships. That emotional connection steeped in Romanticism like that of Jane and Rochester. A “twin” bond that even death can’t break. It’s what Cami referred to when she felt like she always knew him. Or when he mentioned last season that he would have found her. It’s why she will remain “immortal” to him in his mind. It’s my favorite kind of love story and I’ve enjoyed their story from the beginning and will continue to enjoy it (from Klaus’s perspective) till the end of the series.

Could Cami still return?

Is there a way to bring Cami back? I believe so, yes. But unless the writers plan to use Cami in a flashback or they plan to bring her back for the ending, it seems unlikely for a big Cami return. Though I would love to be proven wrong. (Remember what I said earlier about the adrenaline rush?)

So looking beyond what the writers “will” likely do (again this comes down to predictability), what “could” they do?

From Julie Plec’s words over on EW, she had this to say about Cami’s exit:

“The responsibility of the storyteller is to recognize when a character has run its course.”

While I respect that she feels this way and I understand it’s the writers’ story to tell, I respectfully disagree. There could be an entire season arc about Cami’s family history for one. Think back to episode two of this season when Cami was having interactions with Detective Kinney. There was a whole possible story with Cami and Will that was left completely unexplored. What did he discover about her family? Why was he there to protect her? Could there be more to him than meets the eye? Is there more to the O’Connell family legacy than even Cami realizes? There is a well of stories one could create and connect to her as well as the Mikaelsons. Not to mention the writers could easily come up with ideas from popular folklore of New Orleans. There’s even a book about just that.

But since Cami died as a vampire, how could she return?

For one, she could transform into an angelic figure or something new altogether connected to the O’Connell bloodline. Or she could be a ghost. We’ve seen ghosts in this “universe” before. It would make sense for Cami to haunt Klaus.

When in doubt, return to the source material! SPOILERS

dark reunion the vampire diaries

The most compelling idea can be taken from the books that started it all – especially since this particular story from the series is connected to Klaus: The Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion by L.J. Smith.

One story from the books has Elena die a seemingly permanent death. A lot of time passes. Six months I believe. The ghosts of the town – including Elena – are able to return for one night to help defeat Klaus (a COMPLETELY different character in the books). After later defeating Klaus, Stefan and Elena are once again ripped apart when she’s pulled back into the dimension from where she came. Her time was up. Stefan is left devastated. How can he lose her all over again?

Bonnie watches the whole thing unfold.

Stefan cries out Elena’s name in a moment of pure anguish. It’s this cry, this kindred spirit love connection that brings Elena back to life. I’ll include a few excerpts (mixed with some summaries) that lead to Elena’s return so you can see what I mean:

He was standing, chest heaving, looking at the last place where Elena’s brightness had been seen. And all the longing and the pain Bonnie had glimpsed on his face at times before was nothing to what she saw now.

[Bonnie points out how “it isn’t fair” and cries out to the sky.]

…Bonnie saw the spasm go through him, like the agony of Klaus’s stake. And the cry that burst out of him was the most terrible thing she’d ever heard.


…[Bonnie] heard Stefan’s cry that almost seemed to shake the earth beneath her. She saw Damon start toward him. And then she saw the flash…This one was gold.

And so bright Bonnie felt that the sun had exploded in front of her eyes. All she could make out for several seconds were whirling colors. And then she saw something in the middle of the clearing, near the chimney stack. Something white, shaped like the ghosts, only more solid looking. Something small and huddled that had to be anything but what her eyes were telling her it looked like. Because it looked like a slender naked girl trembling on the forest floor. A girl with golden hair.

It looked like Elena.

Not the glowing, candle-lit Elena of the spirit world and not the pale, inhumanly beautiful girl who had been Elena the vampire. This was an Elena whose creamy skin was blotching pink and showing gooseflesh under the spatter of the rain.

[Basically, a human Elena. She and Bonnie then reunite. Not long after, Elena reunites with Stefan.]

There’s always been something supernatural about this rare type of twin soul love connection in stories. It’s there with Jane and Rochester (remember when he cries out her name in agony from many miles away? She hears him calling to her and decides to return home to him.) It’s there with Teddy and Emily in The Emily Trilogy by L.M. Montgomery. Emily saves Teddy when she appears to him from hundreds of miles away calling him toward her which causes him to miss the very thing that would have killed him.

So what if Klaus in a moment of pure anguish cries out for Camille? Inspired by this moment from the books (that has oddly never been used in either show), Klaus could cry out for her. And because of his heroic actions (becoming more of the man Cami believes he can be), the ghosts on the other side – which would be the “opposite” of the destructive ancestors – reward him for his good deeds. They send Camille back to Klaus in human form (or even a new form with powerful “light” magic) due to the strength of their love – their “immortal” bond. His attempt at redemption rewarded with light from those who died with “light.” People like Cami and Jenna who simply crossed over. Like Gandalf the White, their “power” is much stronger than the ancestors or any other evil, destructive force.

There is usually an opposite in all things. If these ancestors on the other side are capable of so much evil, then wouldn’t it make sense for there to be another side capable of good? Just one idea to throw out there.

What about Davina?

Now, I’d go off about Davina dying but we all know it’s temporary. This will be a repeat from season 1 when Davina returns from the other side since she’s a witch. That or we’ll have another dead female character on our hands after Davina helps them defeat the ancestors. Take your pick. Neither would be especially surprising.

I’m not going to sit here and claim that I’m done watching this series. The show is still very well written. And to be fair, this is one of the ways a Byronic love story can end. And Cami’s death (which truly was portrayed so honestly by Leah Pipes) was one of the more “real” deaths I’ve seen. Cami’s fear and reaction to dying was sincere and beautiful. I just hope the writers don’t decide to give Klaus another love interest for the rest of the series. I don’t feel it would be true to his character. Their kindred connection was too strong and will not be broken – even in death.

Well, what did you think of “No More Heartbreaks?” Were you surprised by the outcome? Upset? Enraged? Sad? Or pleased? Let me know in the comments.

Till next time…

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