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TV Review: NBC’s Believe

TV Review: NBC’s Believe

By Rebecca Lane

Photo: NBC

Photo: NBC

Meet Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), a very special child with abilities of telekinesis, empathy, and mind reading, just to name a few. Some wish to control her and use her powers to their own advantage, while others want to protect her from those who would use her. In the middle of this war is Tate (Jake McLaughlin), a wrongly accused convict sprung from prison and tasked with protecting Bo from the evil that hunts her. An unlikely friendship is about to form.

Creators Alfonso Cuaron and Mark Friedman bring us a show filled with magic, adventure, and plenty of action packed thrills. As Bo and Tate are on the run we see her powers come out increasingly, learning just how much this little girl can do. The premise is not necessarily a new one, but it is done in a manner that feels fresh and lively. I can tell you right now, I was not bored to say the least. Bo charmed me, Tate made me grin, and their antics as well as the magic and mystery will keep you watching.

Johnny Sequouyah, a newcomer to the Hollywood scene, plays the snarky and strong Bo. She’s got a question for everything Tate does, and plays up her “pain in the butt” attitude to great effect. Sequoyah shows a maturity in her acting that is rare in one so young. She is able to project her character’s vulnerability even while acting tough and unaffected by the turmoil around her. Her ability is certainly multifaceted, and she will certainly be one to watch out for. She does the show proud.

Jake McLaughlin is no slouch himself. He’s enjoyable as the tough but secretly softhearted Tate. The duo work well together and keep the scenes lively and entertaining. Their back and forth banter is both sweet and witty. As you watch the relationship form between them you can tell that the actors themselves are also enjoying their roles.

On the flip side, Kyle MacLachlan is brilliant as the evil genius trying to capture Bo. You might remember him from such shows as Sex and the City and How I Met Your Mother. Despite his role as the evil villain, he seems to genuinely care for Bo. And while he may plan to use her for his own selfish purposes, he’s more misguided in what’s good for her than truly evil. He plays your classic villain with a heart, and he is fabulous in the role.

Overall Impression

Overall I would definitely suggest giving this show a try. If you like shows about the supernatural with a side of adventure and mystery then this show is for you. The plot is interesting, the acting is above average, and the writing is well done. No cheesy lines on this set. Thank god.

What did you think of Believe? Were you hooked like I was? Sound off below…



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  • Amy Keeley

    I read your review and was intrigued until I saw it was J.J. Abrams behind it. Everything he touches starts out great, and then slowly comes apart or turns stupid. Star Trek is the one exception.

    I don’t know. Maybe this will turn out to be an exception as well. Your review gives me hope.

    • Rebecca Lane

      The pilot was strong, so hopefully the rest of the show will live up to it. I would give it a chance. :) our partners: buy paxil